Dec 16, 2022 • 17M

Press critic Jay Rosen on Twitter and the alternatives

The media analyst talks about Elon Musk's actions -- and social media platforms to which many are migrating. We also discuss the press and politics, as Trump is running for president.

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As Twitter continues to meltdown — with the latest news last night of owner Elon Musk suspending accounts of prominent journalists who have criticized him, as well as an account promoting one of his competitors, Mastodon — you’ll be interested to listen to this interview with NYU professor and prominent media critic Jay Rosen, who himself is a force on Twitter.

This interview was conducted last week on my SiriusXM program after Musk has engaged in many chaotic actions. It’s been weeks of Musk firing employees, attacking former employees, bringing back white supremacists and bigots of every stripe who’d been banned from the platform, pushing conspiracies and allowing right-wing journalists to have access to Twitter’s internal emails to supposedly expose a left-wing bias from before Musk took over.

Rosen discussed what’s been happening, and what may or may not be motivating Musk. And we also talked other platforms people are migrating toward and what he thinks about them, how functional they are and whether or not they will take off — primarily Mastodon and Post.

It’s an interesting conversation and one that I know a lot of you who use social media will want to hear if you didn’t hear it on my SiriusXM program.

We also had spoke a bit about media coverage of politics, and a media still unable to deal with properly cover the political world as Donald Trump has declared his presidential run.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!