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This is “white privileged” at its finest! She was like, “U wait n see black man”. He is a multi-faceted hero, and proud that he is a part of my community, Black and gay!✊🏾🏳️‍🌈

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I'm sickened by what our Country has become... and maybe always was.

Dirty Diaper Donald has emboldened the worst in America.

Love your show MS... keep up the fight!

Can you do an episode or article on the RNC using white nationalists and foreign troll farms on Comment Boards and Social Media sites... Why doesn't the DNC build a Fact Based Troll Farm? It's cheap to do and can counter the RNC cockroaches that pound our comment boards. We DO outnumber them.

BTW... my wife is a redhat and I moved out Nov 2018. Can't take the lies.

Peace, safety, and love to all - RIP Mr. Floyd and 100,000+ Covid families - senseless deaths, blood on the hands of all republicans except Romney and the war hero John McCain. Shame GOP. Shame. Never again in America folks - we are the Majority- Blue Tsunami 2020! VOTE!

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The racist, homophobic and misogynistic people in the world are the weakest human beings. They’re pathetic. They are well aware the world has no place for them and are desperately trying to hold onto their delusion of power.

I’m confident Ms. Cooper’s Central Park performance was one of many, albeit this was her largest venue. Trust and believe she has performed her show before to smaller audiences.

What are these creatures gaining by their repeated insults and obnoxious behavior towards the LGBTQ and/or persons of color? An empty “atta boy” or “atta girl” from their friends? Absolutely pathetic.

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There could be only one good thing to come out of this, hopefully. That is if the little pooch finds a really decent forever home soon....

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Awesome encapsulation of some recent events and a reminder for everyone no matter your gender sexual orientation or race to don’t fall in line behind the stays quo. And don’t let others define you. Some of the comments below are splitting hairs and being ridiculous in my opinion. Just be yourself and speak out and be proud. If Larry Kramer taught us anything it’s exactly that. Love your self support each other in control your own destiny and story!Larry’s death was the kick in the pants once again the community needs to get active!

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When I saw the video that Chris Cooper shot, I was so impressed at the way he kept his cool and didn't respond in kind. Finding out more about him as a man when the story unfolded just added to my respect. As the mom of a transgender adult, I think visibility of LGBTQ heroes is an important way to fight the prejudice out there. My kid is a hero too.

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It is fascinating that everyone is calling it white privilege, and not female privilege.

This was not just racism (which it was largely), but it was misandry.

We live in a culture where women are taught to fear men.

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