It's impossible to reason with an idiot.

Take my sister for example. She never voted in an election until 2016. Up until that time, she always claimed it was not worth her time adding, they don't give a F about me.

In 2016, in her 50's she went to a Trump rally. She called me and asked if I wanted to go and that she registered to vote. Of course I declined but told her I was surprised. I asked her why now, after all these years?

She told me that "Trump is going to run the government like a business ".

I asked her to explain.

She said that he is going to " Fire all those Congressmen and Senators that don't go along with him"

I explained to her that the President can't fire them, only the voters can by voting them out. I tried not to laugh. I did burst her bubble a bit.

Now, here comes the fun part.

This November she has been called for Grand Jury Duty!

She recently found out, that when you register to vote, you can be selected for jury duty.

She is pissed!

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Michaelangelo don’t suffer no MAGA! It’s a sick ass cult. There’s no debating or rational dialectic. It’s pure, unmitigated anger towards the “other.” The three evil paths in Buddhism: Greed, Stupidity, and Anger. Ignorance or stupidity lead to this “gentleman’s” call. American’s have so much abundance- look in the stores, Whole Foods, Target... rows and rows of products to consume, entertainment to stream, hours and hours of it, and we can’t even teach our kids about civics and civility.

This guy calls into YOUR show and immediately rants about all his rights have been taken away. Some cis-straight white male- with so much fake contempt dumps on you AND you so deservedly dumped right back. Trumpette has ignited the overwhelmingly mediocre to have grievance with anyone striving for excellence and truth by speaking to all this grievance. That would be towards you/us/the other.

As another hero of mine RuPaul says: Reading is what...? FUNDAMENTAL. You read that SOB for filth! Thank you Michaelangelo and I’m so here for the opening of your “Library.”

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero... and everything I’d like to be...”

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I had a similar encounter on a different internet discussion thread some years ago with a guy who claimed that whites (men, of course) were being denied their rights in America.

I (and others) asked him where and when he had been denied his "rights" in America.

He lamely answered, "Well, not here, but in Mexico."

I snarled back, "Given your attitude toward Latino peoples, I'm not surprised in the slightest that you faced hostility and discrimination while in Mexico. Another question, given your hostile attitude toward Latino peoples, what were DOING in Mexico in the first place? Buying drugs? Hiring a hooker? Purchasing black-market goods? I'm sure you didn't go to sample the nation's rich culture and historic sites."

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This is another example of how much respect and gratitude I have for you and the important work you do on your daily show. I don’t quite understand how you have the fortitude to do this every day, but I am sure glad you do!! I try in my own small way to make a difference in my neighborhood and my LGBT+ community. I do that in no small part because of your inspiration. Thank you for all you do and say to bring light and truth to the masses.

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I laughed out loud at the end with F your wife comment and measles but I am here for the nutty when it comes to telling MAGA morons they are losers. They never have an answer when confronted with facts.

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I love the sound of F-bombs in the morning, especially when they are directed at MAGANETS!

I coined the term MAGANETS, because it explains the bizarre unyielding attraction to that rare earth piece of tired iron, science has now discovered and named TRUMPIUM [JB's kryptonite]; which inexplicably has reversed the "MAGANETIC Polls" of our small "d" democracy, in favor of a TRUMPIUM dictatorship!

Its [TM] atomic weight has been estimated at *245 and has been added to the Periodic Table of Elements.

TRUMPIUM is the ele-mental Black Hole of the anti-democratic movement; where democracy goes to die in darkness.

The only solution is to VOTE BLUE until we are all RED, WHITE and BLUE in the face!

*245 is a speculative number based on the preponderance of evidence that the White House's Atomic Scale has been calibrated to read 25-50 pounds less than the actual weight indicated on the readout.

"Some people say Dr. Ronny Jackson was to blame for the undersight at the behest of former

Hamburglar- in-Chief, Mickey D........and the D stands for Mc-Donald.

Thank you Michelangelo! Your anger is inspirationally creative. LOL.

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Many thanks for hanging in there and supporting the truth. Sometimes it helps just to take a deep breath.

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Hi Mike, I heard this live… you were so correct to give this Joe facts and figures, items he’s not familiar with. After reading Julia Davis this morning….would love Joe to explain the endorsement by the Russians of the GOP not giving aid to Ukraine…. Go for it Joe.

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OMG Michelangelo I just laughed so hard and so much at how you just SNAPPED and escalated your anger and disdain for the moronic callers attitude and the ridiculous whining about his wife 'forced' to get the Covid Vax, etc. Seriously, tears running down my face, so funny I had to listen to it again. A classic! LOVE you and your show - once again you made my day!

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He does not care. MAGAS do NOT care about gays, lesbians, trans, Muslims or immigrants (legal or otherwise).

Here is how you answer them, about "rights" lost under Trump...

The concept of a "obligation to be kind" isn't a legal or constitutional obligation, but rather a moral or ethical principle. In many philosophical and religious traditions, kindness is considered a virtue and a morally commendable behavior. While legal systems often focus on rights that are enforceable by law, ethical principles, including kindness, GUIDE individual behavior and societal norms, in ensuring the extensibility of rights.

In societies that value principles of human rights, there might be an overarching acknowledgment of the importance of treating others with dignity and respect, which includes acts of kindness. However, the specific recognition of a "right/obligation to be kind" may not be explicitly outlined in legal documents. So, in that sense, the MAGATS are correct.

Ultimately, however, kindness is often seen as a personal and societal value that contributes to the well-being of individuals and communities; and undergirds the "various rights" that all people deserve. Just because cis, straight, white men like this Joe, do not "SEE/Value/respect" "the OTHER" does not mean he (all of us, actually) is not obligated to extend kindness to ensure right for all.

While it may not be codified as a legal obligation, kindness and compassion and understanding are important for fostering positive relationships and creating a compassionate society, and ensuring the "rights" of all "facets" of civilization.

Donald Trump did not take away "rights." But he destroyed the kindness that fosters the extension and respect for rights. He encouraged the selfishness that will destroy rights.

To this day, I still see that picture in my mind of him mocking that reporter who suffered from (I think) cerebral palsy. I remain stunned that people laughed with Trump. Because on that day, we began to erode the "right" to a free press.

(In hindsight, we now know we did not need to "mask up." But we did. For the older people who were frightened.)

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It’s a dangerous pathology. They attempt to gaslight us daily.

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I love it when you eviscerate these MAGA maniacs Michelangelo! I spit water all over my keyboard with the measles comment! Radio gold!

Seriously though, these people are so delusional it’s sickening and frightening all at the same time. I have an 83 year old aunt who is so deep into this cult that there is no reasoning with her.

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Hillary said it best; these people are deplorable. They support the worst of humanity in the form of Drumpf. Karma will come to them when these pathetic MAGA followers lose their Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as they all sunset. Stupidity!!!

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MAGA = My Attorneys Got Arrested. You go get them, Michelangelo.

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Dec 8, 2023·edited Dec 8, 2023

Michaelangelo, thank you for EVERYTHING you do. It cannot be easy. Your fortitude and strength in the face of these idiots is astounding and I could not commend you more. Meanwhile, we get to live vicariously through you as you f-bomb the hell out of these zombies trying to bring down our country. This POOR guy who's wife lost her job because she refused to vaccinate in order to keep her fellow co-workers safe during a pandemic where nearly 1 fucking million people died!!! It is sickening how selfish some people are. A big part of the problem is the disinformation they are fed daily from their media sources (and from the orange POS) - like junk food. Hang in there and don't forget those deep breaths as another commenter stated! lol hugs

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Can you sell me some of your infinite patience kind sir? Your takedown of an idiot is classic! I would have to consult a higher power for grace whilst dealing with an maga cult member. The sheer audacity to think he can get one over on you while lacking a full deck of cards...

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