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Things escalated quickly when a belligerent MAGA man from Texas called my show

Things escalated quickly when a belligerent MAGA man from Texas called my show

Warning: there are lots of very loud f-bombs in this short clip! (And yes, they came from me first.)

It’s Friday, so yeah, some fun.

During a discussion about the dangers of Donald Trump, Joe from Texas, a hard-core MAGA Trump supporter, called me on my SiriusXM program and asked, “What privileges or rights did we ever lose under Donald J. Trump?”

I gave him a quick answer, offering just three examples of how Trump stripped the rights of groups—and it took all of 30 seconds. I then said, “But I’m not here to answer your questions—you’re here to tell us your thoughts,” giving him the stage to offer an opinion.

He responded by saying, “Well, you went on a diatribe there!”

And yeah, I just blew my stack at that point. I mean, I was answering a question he asked me in 30 fucking seconds!

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As he tried to inject MAGA bullshit and disinformation, I directed him to tell me what rights Joe Biden took from him. He then proceeded to claim that his wife lost her job because she wouldn’t get vaxxed.

I then had to attempt to educate him about public health and ask if he got a measles shot and if his children did—or were they thrown out of school?

Of course, he didn’t answer any of these questions as the f-bombs flew from both of us. That’s because he wasn’t interested in having a discussion—he was just interested in pushing garbage. And I wasn’t having it.

I’m sure I sounded a bit nutty to some, and this did get very silly by the end! But when more MAGA called in but didn’t want to come on the air—cowards!—and just told my producers to relay that I’m a “dick,” I knew it was mission accomplished.

Listen in, and let me know your thoughts!