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Rather than getting upset. Why doesn't this cultoid kool-aid drinker just organize among his fellow trump supporters and do trick or treating among themselves? They can all fly their trumpoid flags to identify themselves as the wreckless Americans that they are!!

Doing this will help the country in its efforts to achieve "herd mentality!" 😉

I, for one, will be putting a sign out front regretting that there will be no candy from this house this year!

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So many of the problems we are having dealing with COVID-19 are caused by the lack of intelligent, competent and compassionate leadership of our country. Instead we have an extremely dangerous malignant narcissist and compulsive liar ion the Oval Office. Trump's only concern is getting reelected to stay out of jail and somehow put off the $400+ million in debt he owes that is coming due over the next 4 years (along with paying the IRS approximately $100 million in back taxes and penalties). Any lie to accomplish this is fine by him. So far 200,000+ people have died in this country from COVID-19. If another million people die he won't care. If another ten million people die he won't care either. With competent leadership we would have had many people get sick and many people die but nowhere near the numbers we have experienced. The United States has approximately 4% of the world's population but 20% of the world's cases of COVID-19 and 20% of the world's deaths caused by the virus. That is 5 times the number of cases and deaths one would anticipate because of Trump's incompetence, and focus on his needs rather than what is best for Americans. Because of this I started referring to COVID-19 as the "Trump Virus" several months ago before it became popular to do so.

Trump viciously attacks anybody who doesn't support everything that he says. The attacks target politicians, journalists, news organizations, writers, celebrities and people whose politics differ from his own. Sadly, tRUMPleThinSkin has a strong following based upon his years of public visibility as a self-promoting businessman and reality television personality. His attacks ring true with his base who feel left out of the American Dream. Trumps power comes from his hating the same people that they do. He empowers white supremacy, racism and violence. Though some in his base realize that Trump has a problem with telling the truth they don't care as they have become addicted to his Kool-Aid. Anybody disagreeing with Trump is obviously the enemy and cannot be trusted. It doesn't matter how knowledgeable, respected and convincing their comments are to the rest of us. Trump's base doesn't listen as they are convinced that the comments are "fake" and are being used to further a "hoax."

It is bad enough having Trump feed the frenzy of support from his base instead of working to unite the country to address issues impacting us. The right-wing news from FOX-News, AM talk radio and extreme right websites feed their fury even further providing them with additional support in mistrusting anything news from mainstream media or comments from the scientific community or government officials with different political positions. I hold Republican members of Congress, Trump's cabinet and Republican Governors (who have been unwilling to speak out against this insanity as guilty if not more guilty) than I hold Trump. They are as big a disgrace as Trump and history will judge them all harshly.

I am deeply respectful of the Lincoln Project of former Republicans who are working diligently to deny Trump a second term and unseat Republican elected officials supporting Trump. I know that they are not liberal Democrats and I would disagree with most of them on policy but I have infinite respect for their putting country ahead of party. I would hope that I an other Democrats would behave the same if a Democrat as dangerous as Trump were in office. Advertisements produced and paid for by the Lincoln Project are killer and far more likely to get through to moderate Republicans, Independents and people who voted for Trump in 2016 only because they couldn't stand Hillary Clinton than anything put out by the Democrats. Winning this election will happen only if Democrats can get as many Democrats to vote as possible along with convincing Independents, moderate Republicans and Hillary haters who voted for Trump to VOTE BLUE in this election. We must get our folks to vote. We will not convince the Trumpanistas to Vote Blue so trying to do so is a waste of time.

The next four months at least are likely too be a living hell with Trump's attacking mail-in voting and refusal to support a smooth transition of power if he doesn't win the election. The Trumpanistas, his base, will follow his lead and the United States could be on the edge of civil war after the election. Likewise, those of us who oppose Trump will be furious if Biden is denied the presidency through voter suppression, legal maneuvering and other skulduggery from Trump and the Republicans. We won't sit back and accept a repeat of the 2000 election and won't care one bit how well-hung Chad is. The next several months will be a mess that would be completely avoidable if there was a sane person in the Oval Office who put what is best for the United States above his own interests.

Back to the Trump Virus for a second. Trump's continuous lying and refusal to listen to medical and scientific advice has created broad distrust of anything that he says concerning the virus. He desperately wants to have a vaccine available before the election. It doesn't matter whether it will work or not as he only cares about gaining more votes. For any vaccine to work a large percentage of the U.S. population will need to be vaccinated. At this point many Americans will doubt the safety and efficacy of any vaccine that becomes available. Many people will be wary of getting inoculated (not only the looney anti-vexers but those of us who want a vaccine but won't be vaccinated until we are convinced by reputable, knowledgable sources to get the vaccine).

I know this is long, sorry about that. However, I feel as if we are living in The Twilight Zone and venting to a sane audience is both therapeutic and gratifying. Thanks for your indulgence. However, each of us need to do more than vent. We must VOTE BLUE and get everybody we know to do the same.

One last recommendation. I am age 67 with several of the medical conditions that put me at higher risk if I get the Trump Virus. My husband and I are being extremely careful. We are staying home, having groceries delivered, not eating in restaurants, etc. I applied for a mail-in ballot so that I don't have to contend with crowds on election day or during early voting. Mail-in voting will be used much more heavily by Democrats than Republicans as Democrats are far more concerned that voting at the polls will be unsafe. Trump will be blaming mail-in voting if he fails to win. Therefore, I will be voting during early voting (which I can do by turning in my unfilled out ballot at the polling place I vote at and I will be able to vote in person. I recommend as many people as possible do the same. I will be wearing a face mask, face shield and gloves, will lather myself in hand sanitizer when getting into the car after voting and will shower after returning home but I will vote in person. I recommend voting in person whether people live in a Red or Blue State. The more physical votes we have that will be counted on Election Day the better.

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Well MAS, all I can say is Halloween is the one holiday "they" can walk the streets and not have their hideous personas noticed!

Here's an even better story:


Back in 2010, Here in WNY, I was invited to a fundraiser for this dope by a cousin of mine who coughed up the $50 entry fee for my "sadmission" to what unknowingly to me at the time manifested into the beginnings of the "Tea Party" and of course rump's sycophant alliance with C.P. who was running for NYS 'grovellor' at the time!

If only I had known!!! I would have filmed the event with C.P. onstage with his close confidant RE Development partner and their respective families fawning over each other and talkin' RW smack!

The whole evening was not unlike a current rump rally. It was so sickening to me, that I left very early and wondered what the hell it was that I had just witnessed???

Well, "If you don't know, now you know"! The infection, not unlike Covid-19 spread faster than a California wildfire! Hey, we also gave the world Michael Caputo and Chris Collins who by the way is spending his prison term for "insider trading" at his estate in Florida! Of course, they stole Nate McMurray's seat and gave it to Chris Jacob's another rump loyalist and RW wacko.

Buffalo used to be a heavily democratic bastion of blue collar workers, but these 'daze' it resembles 'FloriDUH' and makes me very sad to see the 'sheeple' get sheared by this "illegitimate

'wolf in cheaps' clothing and all of his "acting generals"!

Ciao 4 Now!


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I'm in the Finger Lakes and totally enjoyed your posting, thank you!

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Thanks for being woke!

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It was a ridiculous call, these people who believe in "herd mentality" because they follow whatever the liar in chief says are putting their family and others at risk of contracting or passing on this disease! As I always tel my friends Michael, a virus needs a host to survive, take away the host (via masks, hand washing and social distancing) you eventually kill the virus! There is just no accounting for stupid in this country! Very sad what we've become in the US.

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On my "Next-door" app, I have been reading about all the parents planning to take their kids out for Halloween. They repeatedly state how hard the pandemic guidelines have been on their kids and that they need to be kids and do something fun. They will be putting themselves, their children, their children's classmates and teachers, and ANYONE they may come into contact with at risk because they can't tell their children they will need to celebrate Halloween differently this year. One person laid out a safe way to celebrate - in their own homes with movies, costumes, treats and making it a fun family day. Everyone else is insistent that they will be out wandering from house to house getting candy. This is a typical Texas community - endangering others to make a statement. So glad I've retired from teaching. These are the parents of the students I used to teach and they are why it became intolerable to be in the classroom. Keep speaking the truth!

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Hold on there, Michelangelo. You have nothing to apologize for! This is why I listen to you: intelligent discourse with witty insults and put-downs aimed at pro-Trump knuckledraggers and the Republican cult.

If I wanted to hear bland, mealy-mouthed milquetoast politeness from those who are all to quick to wave a white flag at these monsters as they line up to destroy the country, then I'd listen to broadcast news.

It's people like you who are the antidote to the poisonous lies of lying idiots like Hannity, Limbaugh, Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine, etc.

You are awesome. Keep up the great work!

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don't be embarassed, Robert had it coming....when you told him, "if you want to have you and your family go trick or treating, go ahead", THAT should've been the end of his call....

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Michael, I love YOU, loving the way YOU give it back to the asinine trumpian fools that called into your show. I was actually clapping as I hear you shut down that "Dumb Ass" Robert!!! I do not have Sirius XM in my home, but I actually drive to a park and listen to your show in my car for the full 3 hours, that is just how much I value your TRUTH and your SPIRIT, please keep up the good fight !!!!

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What a fucking idiot. Covidiot!! 🤢🤢💀

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I don't blame you for losing your temper with this nitwit. Once again, selective hearing/reading produces this kind of rank stupidity. I'm waiting for a Republican talking point about the "war on Hallowween" by the big bad CDC and Democrats. Geez.

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That Trump clown must have thought that Tim Robinson comedy skit involving not being able to buy his Halloween stuff several months in advance was real.

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I was waiting for you to post this call. This is what their arguments have come to, the same dumb argument about "canceling Christmas". Thanks for being there everyday on the drive home

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Perfect put down!! we appreciate your voice amongst all of us!

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We are so lucky to have you, Michael, as a defender of the truth. I admire your passion and dedication, as well as your knowledge. Keep up the good work (and sometimes a few expletives are necessary when callers try to twist your words)!

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I say let them do whatever they want. But if they do, healthcare will not be offered.

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