That's the Michaelangelo we know and love and yes, you had every right to respond that way. Don't ever stop calling out their bullshit or smacking them in the face with it.

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Nobody knows how to flog a dead horse like R’s do and D’s need to take a lesson from such. Keep hammering and hammering and hammering, keep it on the airwaves and in the papers. Truth can stand on its own, yes it can, but does nothing when hidden under a bushel basket. Make sure truth is out in the open where it clearly outshines lies and distortions. I appreciate Michelangelo’s and others’ constant efforts on that on the Progress channel. And Joe Madison on Urban Impact.

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That was beautiful! They are always outraged at the other party, never at their own. The “both sides” argument always makes me want to peel my face off.

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What more proof of corruption do we need, than having a Supreme Court justice MARRIED to an insurrectionist? Media has been ignoring and normalizing all of this corruption since Trump was “elected” (without winning the popular vote of course!) Michelangelo-thanks as always for calling this Maga-crazy woman and her “best friend” out. You do it with passion and you’re relentless. And you inspire us to continue the fight against Republican corruption.

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I'm sick of that both parties so that shit. Total BS cop-out they always try to use

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I wish there was great depth to my outrage and that it knew no bounds but, alas, I have no more outrage left in me. But what I do have is a deep cavernous hole in my gut. I know that Republicans (White People, not People Who Happen to Be White) inherently pass down the DNA that make accountability their Kryptonite. For the last 240 years, accountability has been neigh but never close enough. "What-aboutism" is their vaccine so they don't have to be accountable. Michaelangelo you always call them out so awesomely then when I feel the desire to slap them like Will Smith I acquiesce mainly because you do it so much better and you have the platform to do so. But my God what price Rome?

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Thomas should be removed since his wife was involved in the insurrection. No biggie say the Repukelicans. Unfortunately, we don't have enough votes to remove him. Another day, another travesty of justice.

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For a party that excused the most corrupt squatter in the white house, let me count the ways the Greedy Old Pederasts commit their crimes openly:

1. They have supremacy on their side (wytpipo never are given the max sentence that minorities have to endure)

2. The wealthy (or seemingly wealthy (see Trumpanzee) are always shielded from their corruption because of the filthy lucre buying power.

3. Now onto Unco Thom: His confirmation hearings reeked of credible allegations but misogyny got him the appointment.

4. Refusal to recuse should get him booted from the court but for some reason the SC is treated as if only they can police themselves. Time for congress to change that.

5. Married to a complete loon should disqualify him and a look at his record on the court will show that the political shows up rather routinely in his opinions and dissents.

6. MG should have started the inquiry as soon as the lone dissenting vote showed up regarding tfg records...

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I think your response was excellent. We do not do that as much as we should: fight the stupidity.

In my own family, we have an in-law that is Republican and cries when challenged; so we have all learned not to discuss politics around her. I have finally said: "fuck that." I will discuss what I feel like, and we argue, and if she cannot handle it, she can go cry a river.

On another note, however....

Thirty years ago, I gave Clarence Thomas the benefit of the doubt. There was no substantial proof and her career was not mangled. I had to give him that benefit. I never thought he was particularly intelligent, but I saw no proof of what Anita Hill alleged.

However, Thomas' wife's actions are unethical.

Assuming that we marry soul mates, I conclude that Thomas is also unethical.

Thus, I no longer believe him. I believe Anita Hill. I believe he bullied and harassed her.

Then, assuming "like" befriends "like," I now hold the same view of Kavanaugh (a man who I always felt unqualified for the court -- I always knew that and despised him), but now I feel he did do what Christine Ford said.

I regret that this took me so long. But Ginny Thomas was the card that caused it all to collapse. I tried the "innocent until proven guilty" but Ginny's actions carry the proof of Thomas' inner nature.

(And again: you were on a roll with that idiot on the phone -- great job!)

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I wish elected Democrats would speak with the same fire in their bellies that you have Mike. *chef kiss* superb https://twitter.com/bywillpollock/status/1508900201435705349?s=20&t=WVMgZVtKCkAXYZ_oIgq0zQ

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I love when MAGA delusional lunatics call your show! I love to hear you slam them with sheer unbridled outrage Michelangelo! Yes the GOP is the corrupt party that loves fascism and hates free and fair elections and yearns to take authoritarian control of this country! And morons and fools like your caller are voting for them blindly. They live in a separate reality and believe QAnon's provable lies and baseless conspiracy theories which, incredibly are also what Ginni and Clarance Thomas also buy into. Michelangelo you are so wonderfully gratifying to listen to as you express precisely my exasperation and complete lack of patience around the propaganda and lies of Fox News and other right wing media outlets. Thanks for keeping up the struggle!

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