YES!!! Michelangelo BRAVO once again. So great to hear you stop a fascist lunatic Trumper from gaslighting , from attempting to re-write the history of what was a violent attempt at a coup d'état to take over the government and install Trump as President. These people are still dangerous and delusional. Another great segment of your show.

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I am so tired of the same rhetoric that Jordan, Gohmert and company keep spewing. None of that crowd gives a rats a$$ about the police unless to do so benefits them. Every last one of them needs to be censured or marched out the door as the insurrectionists they are.

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Give them hell, Mike !!!!

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Here we go again!!! What is it with these cheese-heads anyway? Wisconsin is where you go to live when you are in need of a republicon-stipated colon block of the cerebellum aka “Head Cheese”!

I mean how many times did they re-elect that Mongolian Covidiot Walker?

Scott Walker was just another Kansas state (Sam) Brownback Republican ape [no insult to gorillas!] that “caged” his people and insulted the heritage of his own state that was heralded as being the originator of the Labor movement [IE.Unions] and the 8 hour workday; by breaking unions and spreading outright lies to push his draconian RW propaganda that supported moving jobs out and letting his austerity programs destroy the very state he was in charge of protecting!


Val Deming's on the other hand should be immortalized and seated next to old Abe on the Lincoln National Monument for bitch slapping Jungle Gym Jordan like the red-headed stepchild that he is! Jordan is the total embodiment of all that is tragically heralded in the timeless protest song, OHIO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1PrUU2S_iw

He has learned nothing and offers nothing in the way of legitimate, ethical and moral governance. He is Jungle Book’s version of…[wait for it]... “Czarzan”! It’s time for Tantor to squash this cola nut and send it’s juice to the poster child for Diet Coke, “Dr. Pecker” in MaraLardo!

The cultists abound. Jeff from “Swissconsin” is obviously deluded from a lack of cognitive resonance and should seek deprogramming immediately, if not for himself, then for our sake!

My question to all of these twisted sisters is, ”Once you finally own all of the Libs, does that mean slavery is legal again?”

“Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose; Nothin', it ain't nothin' honey, if it ain't free”

And by free, I mean you and me, America! Always a pleasure having your back Signore Signorile!


Boom Boom

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So typical and so dangerous. This country is going to come to a reckoning and it isn't going to be pretty, I fear. As for Jordan, that pedophile enabler (if not a pedophile himself) should be censored within the House, it was clear from the he and that moron Gohmert both showed that they need to go back to school to learn the rules of the House including just what a point of order means! Ms Deming certainly has the cred to speak regarding law enforcement, ten times more than any of her challengers in that discussion.

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Those “patriots” calling one Capitol police officer the N word several times. There is nothing a conservative can ever say that will ever hold any weight to me…not that they could before. They have zero credibility.


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