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Trumper slips, admits insurrectionists were "patriots," "special" people

Trumper slips, admits insurrectionists were "patriots," "special" people

Jeff from Wisconsin called in to criticize liberals. But inadvertently defended Trump supporters for beating up police on January 6th.

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Jeff from Wisconsin called into my SiriusXM program yesterday while we were having a discussion about Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings, who was a police officer for 30 years, taking odious GOP Congressman Jim Jordan to task for the GOP’s using the police as “pawns.”

She pointed out how they only care about “Blue Lives Matter,” when it can benefit them, but not on January 6th, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and brutally beat up police officers.

Jeff said it was wrong to say Republicans didn’t care about the police and tried to shift the discussion to Democrats and protests. But I brought him back to January 6th.

Yes, I had to tell my producer to “shut him down!” when he refused to answer my questions about what Trump said in videos and tweets after the attack — calling the terrorists “patriots” and “special” — trying to shift to Trump telling people to “peacefully” march before the rally. I’m just not going to let these people take over the show with their talking points — they have to stay on the topic or they’re off.

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When finally forced to answer the question about whether Trump was right in calling the vile white supremacists patriots and special people, Jeff blurted out a feeble, “yes,” and then did it again.

I think that said it all about what conservatives, Trumpists and the rest of this bunch think about the police.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.

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