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Nice recap M.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Sorta reads like mine in some ways. I'm usually booked working my butt of during holidays but this year covid-cancel culture dried my line of work up. So I decided, for once in my adult work life-simply let myself chill & not stress-take stock and be thankful for what is still good & really matters in life. I reached out to long lost friends w emails-text and cards. I didn't get wrapped up (pun intended) w gift giving. Asked family to donate to causes I care about (Fair fight being one!) in leu of a personal gift. Called around checking in on my elderly mother & her husband & my aunt both in 2 diff states in the middle of Dump country-struggling w being alone avoiding family this xmas and why its so important. But after constant explaining and discussing they finally got it. Face time-zoom goes a long way. Covid threat & death finally hit home in rural PA and isn't just a city problem as was the "thinking" once upon a time. Next door neighbors and close relatives all getting ill. Its been freaking me out to be honest. My aunt "almost" accepted a dinner invitation w her next door neighbors - inside - no mask wearing dinner after they felt sorry for her for not being w her family! I stopped her in her tracks and had to ask who is going to be there, over explaining why it was NOT SAFE. We dodged that bullet. I mean come on-college kids were gone show up for christ sake she never met et.. A little white lie cooked up got her artfully lying gay nephew get her out of it w her neighbor friendship intact. Side Bar: They are all republicans & these neighbors feed the squirrels in the back yard and call them to the house using the term "Demi" for the squirrels.. calling.. here demi demi... I had to think about it. But I finally got it. Dems are just squirrels trying to get free nuts- hard har har. I told my aunt to tell them I have rats in NYC I call "Repuggie" and toss scraps at for laughs.. So no guilt getting her out of that super spreader of ass holes. So then my BF and I made a xmas eve "outdoor" reservation at our friends Italian restaurant in Hells Kitchen that is somehow still hanging on. We ate our version of 7 fishes & a drank bottle of wine :) Then after dinner we walked around xmas eve-umbrella in hand-looking at the lights of 5th ave windows-the Rock tree- Lincoln Center. The crowds were small & easily avoided so we felt safe. We avoided a few tourist w out mask while we wore our xmas mask and gloves. Then we went home and watched silly xmas movies and passed out. Perfect night. Xmas morning I volunteered to package meals for hungry seniors at a local housing development in Chelsea my hood. I was walking round hoping Id see M.S. running out for more imported cheese for the cheese pie..lol. Did you make it Micheal? Maybe I missed that on show this year,,,lol. Love that. And you know what? That was it and that was perfect. I'm am so thankful & hopeful. This years election gives me hope (can u imagine the alternative?!) But being realistic we have so much work to do. I'm ready to hold Biden-Harris feet to the fire & demand actual action-progress and progressive candidate support and legislation. When ever I get an email asking for money or time or support SHOW ME THE PROGRESS and I'll show you what I am willing to do. Show me yours and I'll show you mine. I'm cautiously optomistic but that does not mean Obama 2.0. We have to learn from that. This is a different time on many levels and that will NOT BE acceptable this go around. Micheal I've listen & learned from you for decades since Act Up- Out Q and then the genius move to Progress SXM. You keep getting better! I've seen the slow but constant progress so I believe its possible. We just need to stay until the cement dries this time! And then keep building! Happy Healthy Safe WAY BETTER New Year 2021!

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I enjoy the simplicity of the holidays.

However I look forward to a new era and a new administration. It will be nice to have intelligent and enlightened people running our country again and a real press secretary that make the press feel validated.

Remember when the arts, music and comedy were validated by the POTUS and First Lady?

I'm feeling sad about Nashville as I lived there when I was in graduate school in the late 80's.

The street that was damaged was one of my favorites in the historical district and I went to a few parties on 2nd Avenue where it happened including my last New Year's Eve Party (Fortunately, they did not damage the beloved Ryman Auditorium just around the corner).

Things are quiet in Seattle and a misty intermittent rain has fallen during the past few days which I like.

I have always enjoyed walking downtown or taking the Monorail during the holidays but didn't this Christmas as so many stores have closed or were boarded up during the 4-5 months of social unrest we have had here and with everyone working at home.

Amazon corporate is now a big part of our local economy downtown and being that everyone now works at home, the downtown is void of our once very vibrant city life. It's amazing that less than a year ago we had one of the best economies in the U.S.

I appreciate this newsletter as an outlet to check in with everyone on what's going on in our lives. Since your program was not on in the past few days, I listened to a few reruns of "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross who also has a calming voice like you do. Believe it or not, I never watch television anymore and solely listen to Sirius or news programs online like MSNBC.

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The BIG question: will the “Repugnants “ learn anything from their complicity with tRump? Will the Democrats throw all their might & energy behind Ossoff & Warnock and get them across the line? This is where our focus should be....if the run-offs are won, that will ensure a positive future notwithstanding the challenges & hurdles left in the wake of tRump, McConnell and the “Repugnants”.

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Trump plays golf while people suffer

This guy in the devil

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Hi Michelangelo, it's been a while since I wrote and am so glad to reconnect to you and your listeners/readers. Diane here, formerly of Madison WI, now joyfully in the high desert (clear cancer scans meant I could leave safely, yay!) after a treacherous week long drive to AZ at the end of October. Traveled alone, except for my dog who is not great in cars; we hit what was called an "historic" ice storm in Oklahoma City that left hundreds of thousands of people without power. You can imagine trying to find a hotel, especially one that allowed dogs. I think I got the last one in the city and was holed up there for 3 days until the interstate was safe to drive.

I had been thinking about and listening to you much of the drive, wanting to share with you my experiences heading west across the country. Mostly to tell you that the vast majority of people I saw in all the states I crossed (Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona) were not masked up. Not in gas stations or convenience stores or any of the other small places I stopped. I even had car trouble in Wichita and had to sit holding my dog in a Ford dealership for 3 hours where not one person was masked-- not the people working there or the customers. I was the only one. And I got some weird looks for it. (Did you see Doonesbury last Sunday where the guy with the only mask on has interactions with anti-maskers? Should win a Pulitzer. And yes, it felt kind of like that). Thank god I had enough food with me, even with the delays, that I didn't have to try to eat in restaurants.

During that time you were asking your subscribers about their perceptions of Covid and their experiences with it, and how the Trump administration was responding. I found myself feeling pretty cynical about it all. I think we've been at a point for a while now where it wouldn't have mattered who was in charge. When you have this many people who are openly defiant and careless of the public good, they're not going to listen to anything or anyone.

I think part of it is that the real horrorshow of the pandemic has not been seen by the general public or in the media. It's all happening in ICU's and Covid units and in private family tragedies and in funeral homes. I don't understand why more doctors and nurses and front line workers haven't been interviewed so they can tell and show the truth. It reminds me of the AIDS crisis in the beginning, all shut away from the public until it couldn't be anymore. I'm curious to see what you and your subscribers think-- am I too cynical? Would a different administration and public health policy really have convinced more people to mask up and stay away from each other?

I think part of it for me is that I left my secure little bubble in progressive Madison and now I"m in Arizona and there's some culture shock. Yes, I know there are progressives here but I'm in a small town and I see a lot of big loud pick-up trucks with Q-Anon flags and Trump flags. The whole drive here I didn't see a Biden sign anywhere but Trump stuff was everywhere. So I'm feeling a bit out of my element.

Anyway, we made it here in early November and I reconnected with my husband who I hadn't seen since August. Started working on house remodeling and buying some furniture as we came out here with very little. We don't know anybody out here but are starting to meet some neighbors (people seem to be very private and we're in a neighborhood with a lot of retirees). And some friends from Madison bought a fixer-upper about a mile away, with plans to rent it out like we did until they can move here. So we have some social contact at least.

Our Christmas was extremely quiet and low key. I was homesick, missing friends and family that are now so much farther away. Before we moved we were going to have a couple of big goodbye parties but none of that happened due to the pandemic. We couldn't even hug anyone. So the homesickness probably had something to do with that. But we kept as many of our usual traditions as possible-- watching "Olive the other Reindeer" (Drew Barrymore, Micheal Stipe, produced by Matt Groening--it's so charming and hilarious) and the old Rudolph on Christmas Eve, then "Christmas Story" and "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas day. Food was pretty low-key as well, my husband is on a serious weight loss regiment and the one dish I made went comically awry. And of course as an avid baker I am learning some of the trials and tribulations of high altitude baking. But it was our first Christmas together here in our new home and I was glad for gentle weather and desert breezes in December.

I wish you and all of your listeners/subscribers the absolute best for 2021. I know we will need to stay active, and, I'm ready to exhale just a little bit with the new administration.

Looking forward to another year in solidarity and connection!


PS-- Can you help me with becoming a paid subscriber? When I try to click on the hyperlink it just takes me to a regular subscription page. Thanks!!

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Now Trump has completely caved, signing the relief bill and spending bill and getting nothing --- except more people had to be in fear and hungry longer.


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Hello everyone. California hit 2M cases and LA Times reports that we may have the new strain. Yet I saw a woman in her 60s being interviewed on TV at the airport saying “well we haven’t seen our daughter and granddaughter in almost a YEAR, so we’re going”. WTF? And now Fake Bone Spurs is aging things are only bad in “Democrat” states. What a complete difference this year could’ve been if we had had a leader like we did in WWII, bringing the county together. I honestly wonder how we are going to get through the next 25 days. Winning in GA would at least help. But I do have hope for America after 1/20.

In the same vein, tried to do my walk around the park today and gave up, walked the neighborhood streets instead. Too many flipping tourists which all seem to think it’s ok to wear a mask around their chins. I can’t even imagine such selfish people living through the rationing of WWII.

Anyway Xmas was fine, just us two. We ate at the big dining table with all the fancy plates and silverware and wine glasses, what the heck. We are SO CLOSE to the vaccine, if people can just hang on. But like you have said on your show Mike it’s irritating as hell that the deniers will get the vaccine, some before us. I am also not happy with Congress, including people I admire like AOC and people I do not like the rat Rubio, getting the vaccine, and was glad Omar called them out. That is a vaccine that could’ve gone to any of a thousand people less privileged and more needy than them.

Well we’ll listen to Joe and catch you in the new year MS!

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So, two days before Christmas my sister tests positive for Covid. She is an Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner. I’m amazed that it didn’t happen earlier in the year, but now it is a reality. She is feeling better now, but it hit her like “a house fell on me”. I am grateful that she did not end up in the hospital. This is what is so weird about this virus. The range of symptoms is a mile wide, and no one ever knows how it will affect a person. She was 4 days away from getting her vaccine. Mask up and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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My family did a Zoom Christmas. I stayed in, except to grab a few gifts from my car, and we had a good time. I tried playing Payday 2, again, and failed on the first mission, again. Guess it's good I didn't choose "Bank Robber" as my profession lol. I did find out my mom has Covid. She's doing well. Acting like nothing is wrong, but that's how she always is. Now, I'm just relaxing at home and hoping Trump doesn't start a nuclear war out of spite for losing. Hope all is well with everyone. Cheers to a fresh start in a few days!

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I am so grateful to listen to your show every day. I am grateful that Arizona turned blue. I am grateful that I can cover my young adult children and my partner with my health insurance. We stayed home, just the two of us, but the two kids came over for an outdoor lunch on Christmas Day - beautiful warm day for it. My partner's aunt died of Covid19 two days ago (she lives in the Bay Area) and another friend's 30 year old son died of Covid19 in Missouri last week. And in other bad news, my brother broke his back about ten days ago and was transferred to the amazing Shirley Ryan Rehab Institute in Chicago today, finally. It took so long because of Covid19 and beds and ... you get the picture. Fingers crossed for his recovery, although it looks like it will be a long road.

So on that note, good riddance to 2020 and hello January 20, 2021. Mask up, everyone! xo

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A very eventful Christmas here in Nashville. The downtown explosion disrupted many lives but thankfully no one living in the area was killed or seriously hurt.

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My wife, her mom, and I were alone on Christmas Eve and Day. My mother in law is battling lung cancer and going through radiation treatments through the middle of January. No way would we even consider anything that puts her at risk. It disgusted me to see photos on social media of people with celebrations of 20 or more while the rest of us sacrificed. our usual get-togethers to keep each other safe. We made the best of it and are so grateful for zoom and having had several happy hour celebrations with our friends via that platform. January 29th can't come soon enough!

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Mom arthritis is not good in her leg

This whole month is unreal

And my older brother had to have procedure in city at Sloan to have cancer removed from tounge

He does not need any chemo or radiation

Michael I don’t even sleep anymore

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It was a sad Christmas by me in queens

My sister tested positive she is a school teacher and then they closed her school down more cases. Thank god her husband and kids tested negative her husband is diabetic and takes insulin

Sister is isolating in the basement till dec 30

My mom was not feeling to good bad sleep whole week but thank god no fever or cough or anything .

Michael this year and trump is a living nightmare

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