Jul 27, 2020 • 4M

Another Trumper calls, says he was on "the left"...until "cancel culture"

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Marty from Minnesota called to defend Chris from Long Island, but only further dug a hole for both of them.

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I promised in the last post with the call from Chris in Long Island, New York, that I’d send this follow up call. Marty from Minnesota called my SiriusXM show last week in response to my conversation on the show the day before with Chris, who’d called to explain how truly offensive it was that I’d called Donald Trump a “bastard.”

Marty protested my entire tone, and how I respond to Trump supporters in general.

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Then he claimed he was actually on “the left” until “cancel culture” came into being. This was pretty hilarious considering that this right-wing myth of “cancel culture” is a relatively new phenomenon, certainly arising until well after Trump’s presidency —and hasn’t received enormous attention until recently, with Trump using it in speeches and tweets.

He then tried to claim Joe Biden was a bad as Trump when it came to making offensive remarks. Yeah, this was quite a joke. Let me know your thoughts!