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Anti-mandate arguments just get more idiotic

Anti-mandate arguments just get more idiotic

James from North Carolina claims he's "going to choose" to get vaccinated. But government shouldn't make him.

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James for North Carolina called in to my SiriusXM program to say he “recently had Covid” and “it was rough” but that he “still fully agrees” that “you should not be forced to get the vaccination” even though he’s “going to choose to get the vaccination.”

James then went into some random story of someone who was vaccinated who supposedly died from Covid-19. (Of course, this has happened in extremely rare circumstances — such as the case in recent days of the immune-compromised Colin Powell, who suffered from multiple myeloma. But 99% of those who die from Covid-19 are unvaccinated.) And I had to cut through that distortion.

His bottom line was that if people don’t want to get vaccinated that is “their business” and about “their body” and yada yada.

I explained the you’re being vaccinated to protect other people — the public health at large. He admitted that he was vaccinated against polio, measles and other illnesses.

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Why did he want to see this vaccine given some sort of exemption?

He claimed we don’t know enough about the Covid vaccines, which is just another bad talking point of the anti-vaxxers. We know more about these vaccines than we did about other vaccines before administering them. Emergency authorization for Covid vaccines required more rigorous testing than approval for past vaccines. And now Pfizer has full approval.

James then tried to claim the government is forcing people to get vaccinated — which is false. A mandate is in place to work in a specific job — a job requirement. You don’t have stay in that job if you choose to put your and others’ health at risk and stay unvaccinated.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.