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Anti-vaxxer tries to show Joe Rogan is as accurate as Joe Biden

Anti-vaxxer tries to show Joe Rogan is as accurate as Joe Biden

And he fails miserably.

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Earlier in the week, on my SiriusXM show I discussed the controversy over Joe Rogan’s Covid vaccine misinformation and his platform, Spotify, facing the actions of artists taking their music off the platform in protest.

I also focused in on the latest fake cure being promoted by anti-vaxxers: A tea made from pine needles, which, miraculously, was supposedly proved effective back in 2011, according to it’s backer — long before Covid-19.

Don’t even ask. You can watch this video in which the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody interviews a purveyor of this new conspiracy, which like all anti-vax conspiracies, is dangerous because it prevents people from getting vaccinated.

Shortly after my discussion, Steve from Utah called my program to say that Joe Biden and Rachel Maddow have peddled “misinformation” for saying the vaccines will protect you against Covid-19 and from transmitting it to others — apparently because there are breakthrough cases and thus they were supposedly not telling the truth.

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I asked, If I tell you to take two aspirin for your headache is that a guarantee that your headache will go away?

No, of course, not. But quite likely, and much more probable than if you didn’t take aspirin. He couldn’t really answer questions about how the vaccines are 85% and 90% effective but that means, yes, there will be breakthroughs.And even if there are, those people are less likely to go to the hospital, per all the studies we now have.

The conversation devolved into idiocy, as it does with these people, to the point where I asked him if he was taking animal urine — another conspiracy cure — and drinking the pine needle tea.

He then accused me of “gaslighting.” LOL.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!