May 5 • 2M

California "lifelong" Democrat won't vote for Biden because of his age

"The 80-year-olds are a bit selfish," Joy said, "refusing to turn over power." I told her she was the selfish one.

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In a discussion about President Biden’s announcement that he is running for re-election, Joy from California called in to my SiriusXM program.

She declared that as a "lifelong Democrat," she would not be voting for Biden because "age is an issue." She said she didn’t vote for Diane Feinstein for re-election to the Senate—and "left it blank"—and she won’t vote for Biden because "the 80-year-olds are a bit selfish" and "won’t turn over power" to a younger generation.

Whatever you think of the issue, it’s just idiotic to say you won’t vote for Biden for this reason — not when the stakes are so high and we could have Donald Trump back in power, Ron DeSantis, or another extremist.

Readers here and listeners to my show know my stand: Biden has done a great job, continues to do so, and showed his energy by going toe-to-toe with Marjorie Taylor Greene at the State of the Union. So, no, this is not an issue regarding Biden— and besides, we have a qualified vice president who can fill the job immediately should something happen to him.

Dianne Feinstein, on the other hand, has shown signs that she cannot fulfill her duties and shouldn’t have run for re-election. And if she’s going to hold up the appointment of judges because she's been out sick for weeks, she should resign.

But to say that Biden is "selfish" when he has in fact earned the right to be re-elected, having accomplished so much, just because you don’t like his age, is stupid. And saying you won’t vote for him for that reason makes you the one who is selfish.

And that’s what I told Joy. Actually, I called her “fucking selfish,” to be precise. I was glad she at least didn’t live in Wisconsin or another battleground state where her vote would matter greatly and where it would be profoundly destructive not to vote for Biden.

Joy later confronted me on social media, distorting what I said and claiming I attacked her for no reason. So here it is for everyone to hear. Listen in and let me know your thoughts!