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"Christian" Trumper calls in, threatens to cut off food to cities

"Christian" Trumper calls in, threatens to cut off food to cities


David from Tennessee, a “Christian nationalist,” claimed “Christians” grow and deliver our food

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David fromTennessee, a Trump supporter who identified as a “Christian nationalist,” called in to my SiriusXM show in recent days to provide an “opposing view” while we were discussing the insurrection at the Capitol last week.

He first talked about “election reform,” diverting from the topic, but when I brought him back, he said there’s violence on “both sides.” He then didn’t seem to remember Trump praising the terrorists in a video he tweeted out during the siege.

He then tried to claim it was only a “few” people who were trying to storm the Capitol when in fact it was thousands of people.

David then went on to say: “Christians right now are not talking about violence — we don’t have to. We’re the ones that deliver the food to the cities, we’re the ones that grow the food for the cities. All we have to is quit.”

This idea that that white “Christians” grow our food and drive it to the cities is ridiculous. Of course, most of the people actually growing and picking crops are immigrant workers — people of color — and truckers who deliver food products across the country come from all backgrounds.

But more angering to me was this idea he had that all they have to do to harm those of us in the cities “is quit.”

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As I told him, my state of New York, like many other urban states, pays more in taxes that then goes to places like Tennessee, which is much more dependent on federal programs — number 15 in ranking, along with many other Southern states — and pays out far less in taxes to the federal government. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts pay almost 17% of all federal receipts despite being little over 11% of the population. When you add in California and other urban, high income states it’s even far more disproportionate.

Tennessee’s populations is comparatively poorer than New York’s and the other states I mentioned and with many (white people) on welfare, as well as great health challenges like obesity and diabetes, and thus needing access to health care.

I’m all for it — all for making sure people across this country have access to health care and are fed and live productive lives, with government help, which we all foster as taxpayers in this society. But to have someone from Tennessee threaten to withhold food from New York when I could say — and, for effect, did — that I’d like to withhold my tax dollars from Tennessee is ludicrous. (One thing I was wrong about: New York’s infrastructure is far worse than Tennessee’s. But that’s precisely because there is much more infrastructure — 17,000 bridges, for example — and the federal money doesn’t come back to New York in great numbers to address it.)

While it started out friendly with my correcting his misinformation, I eventually really had to go hard on David from Tennessee.

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