May 22, 2020 • 5M

Cultist Cindy from Texas called in, triggered after hearing criticisms of Dear Leader

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Cindy from Austin, Texas called into my SiriusXM program this week to cheerlead for Donald Trump. It was a conversation that exposed the deep denial many Trumpers are in, and also how deeply Trump has drawn them into his perverse cult. She did not get an easy ride from me.

Cindy was triggered to call by hearing criticisms of Trump from a guest on the show. And yet, she had no facts, just adulation — it was not about convincing anyone but herself that Trump is a savior sent by God. She eventually talked about being a Christian, but then devolved into a boilerplate conspiracy about a “coming one-world system.”

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And, yes, lots of other Austinites called to say, no, she doesn’t represent those of us who live in Austin.

Please weigh in on this one.

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