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Georgia MAGA man decides to defend George Santos

Georgia MAGA man decides to defend George Santos

He claimed others were as bad as Santos. Before he gave an example, I agreed that yes, Trump, was a serial liar, but Santos is pathologically worse. It only went downhill for the caller from there.

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This one is a real beauty from my SiriusXM program.

In a discussion about Congressman George Santos, his fabrications and why should resign, George from Georgia called in.

“How can we justify going after Santos when we have people who’ve done essentially the same thing?” George asked.

Before he gave an example, I replied, “Oh you mean Donald Trump. Well we did of course impeach him...for inciting an insurrection against the United States and for engaging in extortion of a foreign leader. But you’re right, he did lie about his his entire resume and his businesses.”

George immediately began saying, “No, no!” trying to interrupt me.

He then went to Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut, who did lie about serving in the military in Viet Nam.

I asked, What else did he lie about? George couldn’t come up with anything, as I explained that every Republican senator and House member has lied about something, and even many Democrats have — and none of it is right or defensible. But if they cop to and apologize, one distortion or falsehood about a background can be tolerated.

But nobody comes close to George Santos having fabricated his entire resume.

I then shifted the discussion — in making an example of how two people could do something similar but for one it’s much, much worse because of the severity and intent — to classified documents, and Trump stealing hundreds of files and refusing to return them while Biden appears to have had files in an office and his residence he didn’t know about and returned them promptly.

Well, that lit a fuse for George, and then I only had to escalate further.

Warning: Lots of F-bombs, (on my part!).

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!