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Georgia voter claims he's "not a Trump supporter" but "had to" vote for Trump

Georgia voter claims he's "not a Trump supporter" but "had to" vote for Trump


Cameron from Georgia is so deep in the cult that he’d convinced himself he wasn’t

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Okay, well this one started out calm but devolved into F bombs — yes, on my part.

I’m just not going to allow lies to be spewed on the air and, frankly, am not going to put up with racists claiming they voted for Trump not because they like him but because they had to stop the “left-wing agenda.”

In a discussion about Joe Biden commenting on whether or not Donald Trump should attend Biden’s inauguration, Cameron called in from Georgia to my SiriusXM show, and began by saying he didn’t want to “start any arguments.”

But that was in fact the purpose of his entire call, soon getting combative and hurling false charges.

Cameron tried to equate Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 election with Democrats opposing Trump’s fascistic presidency — even as Democrats acknowledged Trump won in 2016, an election that was much closer than 2020.

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I posed a series of “yes” or “no” questions to him — for example, “Did Hillary Clinton concede the election [in 2016] the day after the election?” — and while forced to answer “yes” to all of them he then veered off and claimed Nancy Pelosi did’t attend the inauguration, which is a blatant lie.

After pushing disinformation, Cameron then tried to divert to other issues, and soon claimed, “I am not a Trump supporter” but said that he just had to vote for Trump.

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It got pretty heated from there. Some people will think I went too far, or lost my cool, and maybe I did.

Also, I’m sure some would say that someone who says they don’t like Trump but had to vote for him “to stop the left-wing agenda” isn’t necessarily racist. But I disagree completely. Anyone who voted for Trump in 2020 voted for a racist and bigot who engaged in horrendous actions against so many groups. No excuse to vote for such a candidate absolves the voter, who voted for a racist. End of story.

Listen in and let me know what you think. Thanks!