May 27, 2022 • 4M

Indiana man asks, what laws would have prevented Texas school massacre?

I named at least three laws that could be passed, but caller Chris ignored the answers and ultimately just changed the subject.

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During a wrenching discussion about the Uvalde, Texas child massacre, Chris in Indiana, a “gun rights” supporter, called my SiriusXM program. He initially tried to change the subject to the school not being completely locked down, as well as the confusing and questionable response of law enforcement.

Those are not issues to be discounted, and investigations are underway, and we need answers. But the fact that things broke down shows that Republicans’ claims that the answer to this horrendous mass violence is more security are bogus. The GOP is also the party of incompetence and greed, and it doesn’t even fund or enforce the very measures it claims are the antidote to gun violence. Governor Greg Abbott has blood on his hands for the response by law enforcement, in addition to his having signrf laws that loosened gun restrictions in Texas.

More than that, the focus by Republicans and callers like Chris on security — and turning schools into maximum security prisons — takes the discussion away from the real story: The 18-year-old shooter had 2 AR-15s, weapons of war. And those weapons are marketed to teenagers.

When I brought it back to that, Chris then asked what laws would prevent this shooting?

I went through at least three: a) banning assault weapons; b) not allowing 18-year-olds to buy guns and; c) background checks which would pick up the violent behavior of this and other killers, including the Buffalo mass shooter.

Chris then tried to change the subject to….Chicago, and shootings there.

I didn’t allow it, as it’s the right’s usual diversion, and I shut him down. But of course, there wouldn’t be so many guns in Chicago or anywhere if people couldn’t go out of state, to Indiana or Iowa or lots of places, and buy guns easily — or buy them on the black market, which are guns that ultimately come from the manufacturers.

Anyway, listen in and let me know your thoughts!