Feb 24 • 3M

MAGA woman says we talk too much about Trump

They can't stop waving Trump flags. But somehow we're the ones talking too much about him? I really let lose the F bombs here. Couldn't help it.

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During a discussion on the my SiriusXM program about QAnon cultist Marjorie Taylor Greene’s demented white supremacist fantasy of a “national divorce,” Laura from Alabama called.

Of course, Alabama is one of the red states that Greene sees as part of the New Confederacy, or New Gilead, or whatever she wants to call what she wants to create. And like most of the red states, it would bleed out without federal money, most of which comes from 10 or so blue states. Red states would be destroyed.

The whole idea — the dissolution of the United States — is absurd. But it’s all about feeding a rabid base on secession and civil war as they take last a gasp of being the white majority — and grab for their guns to rule from the minority.

Anyway, Laura and I didn’t get into any of that. She was instead stuck on our supposedly “complaining” about Donald Trump “all these years” after he’s left office.

As if Trump is not running for president again.

Well, the four-letter words flew. No patience for this!

Listen to the short clip and let me know your thoughts.