Aug 27, 2020 • 4M

Pathetic Trump troll calls in, makes fool of self

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Cowardly Matt from Kansas City pretends he’s anti-Trump to get on the show, gets creamed

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Ellie Burgin from Pexels

Listeners to my SiriusXM show know that I have no problem taking calls from Trump supporters and debating them — or more so, refuting their idiotic but often dangerous claims. I’m all about more speech, more discussion, airing out views.

But the thing I really can’t stand is someone who fakes who they are and what they want to talk about when they’re screened. They’re cowards who won’t say they’re Trump supporters — and then think they’re pulling some kind of prank when they get on, even though it’s totally lame.

That’s what Matt from Kansas City did, calling in as we were discussing the Republican National Convention (and the Open Thread on the convention continues here), and I had to just hand his ass to him.

[Sorry the audio is distorting out a little when I raise my voice, as I was really going over the level and didn’t adjust for it. Yeah, was seeing red!]

Take a listen. Let me know your thoughts!