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Pennsylvania man insists Trump is victim of "witchhunt" regarding hush money payment

Pennsylvania man insists Trump is victim of "witchhunt" regarding hush money payment

"Why didn't they do this to Bill Clinton?" Mike asked, not seeming to know Clinton was impeached. I had to do a lot of heavy lifting here.

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Shortly after a caller to my SiriusXM program lambasted evangelicals as hypocrites, Mike from Pennsylvania called in.

He was outraged at the previous caller attacking “all” evangelicals, though the caller had been referring to Christian nationalist leaders.

When Mike didn’t win that argument, he switched to another topic — after accusing me of not letting him speak, which is a common tactic among the Trumpers who call in, not wanting me to respond to their crazy statements — and claimed Trump was the victim of a “witch hunt” by the Manhattan district attorney, parroting Trump’s claims.

First of all, yeah, it is a witch hunt on him with the Stormy Daniels thing. It's BS when they do that. Why do they do that to Bill Clinton? Why didn't they do that to Dick Morris?

When I explained that they did do it to Bill Clinton — they impeached him — though he didn’t commit any crime, and surely didn’t pay Monika Lewinsky, and do so by funneling it through his business to cover it up, violating New York business law, Mike switched to another topic: How does Joe Biden supposedly have so many homes (he has two, one of which he bought many years about for $350,000) and supposed wealth?

The point is Donald Trump. Okay. He has a business and he feeds people now. Oh, now how did Joe Biden get all the money that he had? He's just a politician. How does he got all these homes at all? How did he do that? How did he do that, Mike?

I then explained that he could go and look at precisely how Joe Biden earned his income, as a politician, a consultant, an author, a speaker and whatever else, by looking online because Joe Biden has released all of his tax returns for many years. Unlike Donald Trump, who has refused to release his tax returns, Biden is not a shady businessman who has tried to cover it his sources of income.

Lost on that one, Mike then meandered into another direction, and it was like swatting flies.

The point here is that Trumpers who actually do engage — most of them just rant — have nothing but distortions, conspiracy theories and untruths, and when you expose them they have absolutely nothing to say. So they change the subject, only to have the next lie exposed.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!