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Supporter defends DeSantis for promoting useless monoclonal antibodies

Supporter defends DeSantis for promoting useless monoclonal antibodies

"He is a politician, and that's what politicians do," said Doug from Florida.

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This week the FDA revoked two monoclonal antibodies, from Regeneron and Eli Lilly respectively, because they have no affect on the Omicron variant.

People with Covid-19 were being given false hope by some hospital and doctors, as the treatments are as useless as ivermectin.

And Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who’d boxed himself in by wildly promoting monoclonal antibodies over vaccines — hardly giving any events over recent months urging people to get vaxxed, as he played to the Trumpist anti-vax base — went ballistic.

He accused the Biden administration of allowing people to die, which is ludicrous because it was the drugmakers themselves that announced the treatments don’t work against Omicron:

The regulatory move was expected because both drugmakers had said the infusion drugs are less able to target omicron due to its mutations…

..Omicron’s resistance to the two leading monoclonal antibody medicines has upended the treatment playbook for COVID-19 in recent weeks.

As I discussed this on my SiriusXM show this week, a DeSantis supporter called in to both try to clarify that DeSantis is “not an anti-vaxxer,” even as DeSantis has not promoted vaccines in months and bans vaccine mandates, and to excuse DeSantis on several fronts.

Doug from Florida couldn’t explain why DeSantis stood next to a QAnon-inspired anti-vaxxer at a DeSantis event who claimed the vaccines “change your RNA” — and DeSantis didn’t correct him.

And when I pointed out that DeSantis has a major donor with a big stake in Regeneron, Doug blew it off, stating, “"He is a politician, and that's what politicians do."

So, it appears totally okay to DeSantis supporters in Florida that DeSantis is pushing a useless, expensive therapy — paid for by your federal tax dollars — which one of his donors makes a killing on, even if it puts people’s lives at risk by giving them false hope there’s a treatment for Omicron rather than just urge then to get vaccinated.

You’ll want to hear this one, as the guy remained level-headed — while being completely delusional.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!

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