Jul 14, 2022 • 7M

Trumper claims protests against Kavanaugh are "slippery slope"

Steve from Minnesota said the "other side" can "play the same game," as if right-wingers haven't protested Democrats -- and often engage in violent acts.

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In a discussion about protesters who gathered peacefully outside a Morton’s SteakHouse in Washington DC while Justice Brett Kavanaugh ate inside, Steve from Minnesota called my SiriusXM show.

Immediately he asked what if the “other side” got this idea, and began “harassing” AOC in a restaurant, referring to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

That can only draw a laugh. I pointed out, first off, that no one was “harassing” Kavanaugh, who never even came into contact with the protesters and slipped out the back door. But more than that, Democrats have faced protesters — and harassment and violence — from the right for decades. Anti-abortion radicals have long been harassing women at abortion clinics — and doctors and healthcare workers have been killed.

No one should face violence, I said, like what we saw on January 6th. But everyone in public life has faced peaceful protests, and should expect that.

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Steve kept going back to his same talking points, about the “slippy slope” and the “other side.”

It was almost like a threat. And it also shows how pathetically scared the right is when it comes to protest. The fact that Kavanaugh slipped out the back door, unable to face the people who stood up against his ripping a right from millions, spoke volumes.

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