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2nd Amendment nut admits he should be able to get surface-to-air missile

2nd Amendment nut admits he should be able to get surface-to-air missile

This was an exercise in the ludicrousness of the right-wing arguments against gun laws. Bob from New Jersey didn't want to go there, but it was the logical conclusion.

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In a discussion of the Uvalde, Texas massacre, Bob from New Jersey called into my SiriusXM program — a “gun rights” defender of the Second Amendment as an amendment that is absolute — to say “you guys are out there, man.”

Bob said the Aecond Amendment was written to protect us from a “tyrannical government.”

If that’s the case, shouldn’t he be able to buy a surface-to-air missile, since the “tyrannical government” could be coming to his home in black helicopters?

Bob didn’t want to answer the question, nd claimed it was “apples and oranges.” He tried to change the subject. But when pinned down, forced to offer what is the only logical conclusion to his claim, he said, “Yeah,” he should have surface-to-air missile.

“Why not? If it’s protecting me,” he stated.

So Bob walked right into Crazyland. And once there, it’s hard to leave.

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“So should you be able to have a nuclear weapon?” I asked

Bob then claimed he “doesn’t need” a nuclear weapon, but didn’t say the government should ban it.

I had to then just explain that this is where showed he is a “clown,” since many amendments to the Constitution has regulations and laws written around them.

The twisted reasoning and hypocrisy in these individuals’ arguments must be challenged, because, when pushed, they are forced to admit ridiculous and dangerous things, which only shows how radical and extreme they are.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!