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A call from the Trump cult: Michael in Texas phones in

A call from the Trump cult: Michael in Texas phones in


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Listener Michael from Texas called my SiriusXM Progress show last year and the first thing he said, after, “How are you doing today?” was, “It’s amazing to me you still have a job.” (Listen to the call above.)

This was in the days after the Mueller report was released and showed various instances of obstruction of justice. Michael decided to try to change the subject to — you guessed it! — Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Some people think I’m too harsh when the Trump supporters call into my show to challenge me, even when they veer off into insults, propaganda and lies. I don’t know why so many listen, but I’m happy they are, I guess, and glad to debate them. Often though, they tell our producers one thing when they call in, and then get on their air and say another, hurling insults. Which is what Michael did.


And here’s the deal: I’m happy to debate anybody with any point of view that is different from mine. But no one is going to be allowed to push propaganda, changing the subject. That will be aggressively challenged. And anyone who insults me will get hit back hard.

Again, some will say I’m too mean, too harsh, or that it’s not “productive” or it’s “childish” or “sinking their level.” You know the criticisms.

And I get that. But when I soon realize someone is deep in the cult and their mind isn’t going to be changed no matter what, I decide the more productive thing is to actually lay out the truth, boldly and simply, for many other listeners — including some conservatives who might be reachable — and, yes, shake them like hell.

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It might work. But whether it has an impact on the caller or not, it does make us feel good. So basically, I decide to use them for our satisfaction, and to our advantage.

And I believe that helps us to be galvanized, to get in the fight, to organize and beat them big time at the ballot box —- and to not be afraid of these cowards!

Honestly, none of this is planned when someone like this calls in. It’s all in the moment and often it’s a manifestation of my blood boiling over regarding the lies.

Let me know your thoughts.