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Anti-vax Covid victim loses both her legs. Still has no regrets.

Anti-vax Covid victim loses both her legs. Still has no regrets.

Joe from New Jersey said his friend still won't say she should have gotten vaccinated -- and still hasn't gotten the shot.

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This stunning and horrible account underscores how deep and dangerous the anti-vax Trump cult is.

A listener to my SiriusXM program, Joe from New Jersey, called in to tell us about a childhood friend who contracted Covid-19, was hospitalized and put on a ventilator, and tragically had both legs amputated — and still refuses to believe it’s a good idea to get vaccinated.

She was lucky to survive, but after an experience like that how could anything not have any regrets about not getting a free and effective vaccine?

Joe said his friend had moved back to New Jersey from North Carolina, and he eventually had to un-friend her on Facebook because she “became an anti-vaxxer, she became a total Trumper.”

She then contacted him three months later.

“She finally reached out to me last night,” Joe said. “She wound up getting Covid, wound up on a ventilator, and then wound up having both of her let’s amputated due to Covid.”

She still believes all the conspiracies.

“It’s horrible but I was more angry with her — I don’t fee sorry for her, I can’t, I don’t mean to sound heartless — I’m more angry with her, because we argued so much, back and forth. about having the vaccine, and her right not to have it, and this is where she wound up,” Joe explained.

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He’s speechless now, he said, because this 55-year old woman lost both of her legs because of Covid and has no regrets.

“I point blank said to her last night, ‘Do you regret not getting the vaccine?’ And she wouldn’t answer me.”

Joe said, “I love her to death. She’s a good friend, but I’m more angry with her than feel sorry for her.”

The story makes you realize that for many of these people it’s a hopeless cause. They will keep the pandemic fueled and do harm to themselves and others.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.

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