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Caller expressed the raw anger of the vaccinated

Caller expressed the raw anger of the vaccinated

Linda from Virginia said, "I have no sympathy, even for my dead sister" and her husband, as the unvaccinated keep the pandemic fueled

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While discussing President Biden’s mandates last week, a regular caller to my SiriusXM, Linda from Virginia, called in.

Usually Linda talks politics, as she is someone who is out organizing rallies and door-knocking at election time. But she called now to tell us the terrible news that sister and her brother-in-law both recently became infected with Covid-19, because they refused to get vaccinated. Both very quickly were on ventilators and died, leaving what she described as a “mess” for their children and the rest of the family, not having written wills or made plans for others who depend on them.

“I’m real damned pissed,” she said.

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Linda said her sister and her husband were Trumpers in Florida who followed the lies of Governor Ron DeSantis and have now paid for it with their lives.

“She knew how I felt, she avoided the science, she followed the politicians — and now she is dead as they come,” Linda angrily said, stating she has no sympathy for her sister. “Sympathy is a word in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.”

Linda explained her feelings, and said she was sorry her sister is dead, but that this could have been prevented.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.

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