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Caller tried to compare Jan 6th terror attack to BLM protests

Caller tried to compare Jan 6th terror attack to BLM protests

VJ from New Jersey claimed many police were killed at Black Lives Matter protests, but couldn't name any

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As we discussed the House select committee investigation in the January 6th domestic terror attack on the Capitol on my SiriusXM show, VJ from New Jersey called in complaining.

Using the tired, and completely diversionary tactic of conservatives, he wanted to know where the “outrage” was over claimed violence at Black Lives Matter protests and “people” who were “killed.” And then when I asked if police officers were killed, he said yes, but couldn’t name any. There were in fact no police officers killed in connection with protests; there was one killed in connection with criminal looters after a peaceful protest, but there was no evidence these were protestors who killed him.

Beyond that, I then went through all the debunking we have to go through when these people make this idiotic, racist comparison, all the conspiracies and all the lies told about violence at the protests, the vast majority of which were peaceful and some of which saw right-wing interlopers stirring violence.

But more so, no matter what happened, any acts of violence were random acts of violence that should be condemned, with law breakers arrested, and investigated by local law enforcement — not be the start of an investigation by the House of Representatives, or be part of the one looking into the insurrection, because they had nothing to do with overthrowing the government. Listening to the coordinated way these on January 6th operated, and claimed over and over that they came under orders from Trump to stop the certification of an election, makes clear what it was about.

How anyone equates local violence, looting, and property damage by random people with a coordinated attack by thousands of people across the country in an armed terrorist attack and an attempt to overthrow the government is ludicrous. That this attack was incited by the president of the United States even more so warrants an investigation by Congress.

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VJ was forced to agree with me several times, protested that he “reads” on his own when I accused him of just pushing right-wing talking points from Fox News pundits and still couldn’t seem to grasp the larger point.

Yes, a few f-bombs were thrown — by me — because I just lose patience with these people sometimes. Some on Twitter said I remained “calm” — others said I lost my cool.

Let me know your thoughts!