Sep 29, 2022 • 8M

"Die-hard" Trump supporter says she doesn't "feel" Jan 6th happened

"It's okay for me to have that opinion," Debbie bizarrely said, adding: "But it doesn't mean I condone any of that stuff. Hell no, I cried that day."

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This one is an example of how deep in the cult so many of these Trumpers are — to the point where they contradict themselves literally within the same sentence — and have sort of calmly accepted giving themselves over to an authoritarian.

Debbie from Connecticut called my show after I played clips from Washington DC Metro Police Office Michael Fanone, who was brutally attacked by the MAGA mob of insurrectionists on January 6th. At the sentencing of the thug, Kyle Young, an IVAC worker from Iowa who pleaded guilty to assaulting Fanone — which included stunning Fanone with a stun gun — Young’s mother apologized in court.

But after Young was sentenced to seven years in prison, his mother called Fanone, a “piece of shit.” He relayed this to Don Lemon on CNN, and Debbie called to respond to it.

The gist of what she wanted to say was: a) we’re not all like that — even though she still supports Trump and his movement and; b) I didn’t hear this or that fact (such as that Trump wants to pardon the insurrectionists).

That’s pretty basic for Trump supporters — ignorance in bliss. What was more scary about Debbie, however, was that she wan’t belligerent or nasty, but rather robotic yet slightly perky, like she was in a hypnotic trance.

And there was absolutely no way to speak with her rationally because she believed all facts were “opinions.” She contradicted herself on a statement before she even finished making the statement. None of it made any sense, but she just wanted us to accept that and just chill.

Honestly, you have to listen to this one, as describing it is both not easy and won’t do it justice.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.