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"Holy roller" says he had no choice but to vote for Trump to "follow my conscience"

"Holy roller" says he had no choice but to vote for Trump to "follow my conscience"


Kirk from North Carolina called into my show to argue that we should accept his vote because he’s a “man of God.”

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In a discussion on my SiriusXM show, celebrating Joe Biden’s win and talking about how people are dealing with family members who supported Trump and are now having a meltdown because he lost the election — but also how it was demoralizing that so many people still voted for Trump — Kirk from North Carolina called.

He was coming from the opposite place: His daughter voted for Biden, but he voted for Trump, and he thought we should all accept it.

“I voted for Trump,” he said, and then, in a pre-emptive manner, said, “Thank for not being mean to me” even though I’d not even responded to him yet. He was a nice enough person, and I was nice back — up to a point.

Kirk identified as a “very conservative Christian” and a “holy roller,” and kept using his religious beliefs to defend his support for Trump.

But he would do two things when presented with facts that showed Trump to be anything but Christian: 1) he would admit he didn’t approve of this or that one particular thing Trump did, or; 2) would say he doesn’t know about this or that thing, using ignorance or not being informed, particularly about the most egregious things Trump has done. And he never actually explained what great thing Trump supposedly did.

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I frankly then just got impatient with his bullshit, and told him that Trump has harmed people and harmed our country, which isn’t Christian — and he interjected, “well, I’m a man of God.”

I responded, “No, you’re not — you’re a man of a false God. Don’t you dare hide behind religion and besmirch faith like that. Don’t you dare.”

Well, Kirk kind of melted after that, and said there was “nothing malicious” in what he did in voting for Trump, seeming to want forgiveness — but I had to explain how malicious his actions in fact were.

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