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I called a man "dumb as a rock"

I called a man "dumb as a rock"

Shannon from South Carolina said government can't mandate Covid vax -- but knows nothing about other vaccine mandates. Was I too hard on him?

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I got into quite a scrap with Shannon from South Carolina, who called my SiriusXM program to claim that because the Covid-19 vaccines aren’t 100% effective, and thus people could still theoretically transmit Covid if vaccinated, the government “doesn’t have a right” to mandate the vaccine.

I then asked him if he knew the efficacy of the measles vaccine or polio vaccine or others, all of which are and were under 100% effective (and some not nearly as good as the Covid vaccines), and yet are mandated by governments with mandates upheld by the courts.

He said he knew nothing about that but deferred to his wife, who he said was in the “medical professional.”

When I said he’d not taken up an education from his wife very well if he didn’t know that, he accused me of attacking his wife!

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Shannon called me a jerk for allegedly saying his wife “is not educated.”

But that’s not what I said, I told him, I said, “your wife did not educate you well.”

“I’m not insulting her — I’m insulting you,” I said.

Yes, by the end of the conversation I called him “dumb as a rock.”

Was I too hard on him? Listen in and let me know your thoughts.

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