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MAGA man denies he's in a cult, but admits he doesn't care about the truth

MAGA man denies he's in a cult, but admits he doesn't care about the truth

David in Nevada didn't have facts, and, when presented with them, they didn't matter

Happy Friday! Always a good day, as we end the week, to check in on the idiocy of the MAGA cult, as I try—try is the key word—to make sense of these people.

David in Nevada called into my SiriusXM program this week and showed us another example of how the MAGA base not only thrives on misinformation but really doesn’t care even if you get them to admit the truth about Donald Trump’s horrendous actions.

“Apparently, I'm one of those people that you're saying is a cult member,” he said, adding, “The more I listen to you the more I want to support Trump. Just because you say it was an insurrection doesn’t mean it was.”

I love when they tell me I’m the reason why they’re supporting Trump!

Sorry, don’t blame me for your willfully giving yourself over to a con man. (And why are you calling to tell me this anyway?)

“Well, that's the cult speaking,” I told him. Then I recited all the crimes Donald Trump has been charged with or found by a jury or a judge to have engaged in.

Those are facts, David, I said. Are you supporting a rapist and a man who engaged in massive fraud?

David had no idea that in fact a jury and a judge ruled on those issues in civil trials, believing it was still all to be decided.

Cornered by the truth, he switched to…the worth of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, and the judge in the New York fraud case concluding it was worth $18 million rather than, as David said, “hundreds of millions.”

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David didn’t know that Trump had actually said it was worth $1.5 billion, which I informed him about. I asked him, Do you believe it’s worth that much, yes or no? He replied, “I don’t know and I don’t care,” even though he was the one to bring it up, switching to that topic just seconds before.

That’s precisely it, I said: you don’t care—even if Trump engaged in crimes. And that’s the cult speaking.

David even had to admit that Trump said he grabs women by their genitals, when I asked him about it. “If he said it, he said it,” David replied, but “here’s the thing: in 2019, the gas prices was less than…”

Gas prices? I had to cut him off on that one, and I took it back to the insurrection. He was forced to admit he was “not okay” with it, but, but, but….Joe Biden blah blah.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts. And have a good weekend!