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MAGA man tries to school me on voting rights

MAGA man tries to school me on voting rights

It did not go well for him.

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The proof that Trump supporters are immersed deep in a cult becomes so clear when they call into my SiriusXM radio program to spout ludicrous non-facts with such confidence. It brings me back to CPAC, and the golden calf of Trump that was wheeled down a corridor while worshipers looked on. They bow to the authoritarian and give up all independent thought.

MAGA follower Dave from California called into my show to claim that Congress has no power over elections. I literally read from the Constitution to him, from precisely where it says Congress has a lot of power.

Dave was jarred, in the way that cult followers often are when their counter-logic is exposed. After referencing Trumpist radio host Mark Levin — which was hilarious — he then tried to change the subject to the Electoral College.

But I held him to what he initially called about and asked him to counter what I stated, or to admit he was wrong. He said he didn’t “have a copy of the Constitution to read,” so “I don’t know.”

Then he tried to change the subject to voter ID, which is a straw man because the Freedom to Vote Act, which Senator Joe Manchin helped write (yet he wouldn’t allow a filibuster carve out to get passed), would allow states to ask for ID and lists the kind of ID people can use.

So, that didn’t work either.

Dave then just started babbling about something else. And then something else.

It was quite something to behold.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!

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