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Man defends pilot cursing Biden because people "had to listen to" media criticism of Trump

Man defends pilot cursing Biden because people "had to listen to" media criticism of Trump

Ed from California says Trump endured society's "mental illness" against him

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A California man named Ed called into my SiriusXM show and claimed he was “not trying to give away a position one way or the other” but that a Southwest Airlines pilot can be excused for saying “Let’s Go Brandon!” — code for “Fuck you, Biden!” — to passengers from the cockpit because of the “mental illness” foisted on Donald Trump by the “media and Hollywood.”

Ed said that “he had to listen to four years” of it, but added “not that I’m trying to take a position” —as if he weren’t a Trump supporter — and thus he doesn’t have sympathy for Biden and thinks calls for the Southwest pilot to be fired or punished are wrong.

Ed implied there was no difference between media pundits, celebrities or even politicians criticizing the president and a pilot of a private airline doing so on a flight with passengers and using code for a profanity.

“Oh, yes there was,” he said, when I said that there hadn’t been anything like this against Trump that wasn’t punished. “Sure there was,” he shot back. “Are you blind?”

“So wait — there was a pilot who did that?” I asked. He then deflected.

“It doesn’t matter,” Ed responded, trying to say this was the same as the media and Hollywood figures criticizing Trump, which is ludicrous.

In fact, I pointed out, Kathy Griffin, working for a private company, CNN, was fired for tweeting out a photo of a mask of Trump with ketchup on it — and by the way, she is a performer, meant to be provocative and make us think, and not an airline pilot, whose only job is to fly a plane.

It got pretty ridiculous. And it was a window into these people’s (non) thinking.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!

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