Mar 8 • 11M

Ohio man excuses GOP, says "all politicians lie"

Roger from Dayton also promoted the "Russiagate hoax." But offered no proof.

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During a discussion about Tucker Carlson’s reckless claim that there was no insurrection — and the GOP politicians who emboldened him, like House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, giving him video surveillance footage — Roger from Dayton, Ohio called my Sirius XM program to say “all politicians lie.”

It was the classic “all sides” argument — or “many sides,” as Donald Trump himself infamously said about the Charlottesville white supremacist march.

“Ah, you know, I just think that all honestly all of our politicians are nothing but liars,” he said, “and I don’t think it makes a difference which side of the aisle they’re one. None of them are working for us as they should. And they all lie.”

Claiming he didn’t vote for Trump, Roger then sloughed off the fact that all lies aren’t created equally. He then bizarrely shifted into an attack on the Russia election interference investigation and Trump’s collusion, saying “Adam Shift” didn’t prove anything — a mispronunciation of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s name used by the right and which has an anti-Semitic tinge to it — and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t prove anything.

I had to jump in to correct the record, and ask Roger to back up his claims with facts and explain himself. But each time he respond by going on and on about how I don’t let people talk, using his time to criticize me rather than tells us the supposed facts.

And that’s because there are no facts — just more bullshit from a Trumper posing as something else. But hey, maybe I’m wrong — maybe he did vote for Joe Biden, as he claimed! You tell me. Listen in and let me know your thoughts!