Jun 9, 2020 • 6M

Sean from Louisiana calls in: "Trump hasn't done anything fascist"

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The “conservative libertarian” admitted he’ d let his mother be pepper-sprayed if they had to “move” her

Trumper Sean from Louisiana called into my SiriusXM show, saying he occasionally listens and is a “conservative libertarian.” And he wanted to clarify, regarding Donald Trump, that “I hate some of things he says,” but Trump hasn’t done “anything fascist.” When given examples, he kind of just sputtered — and lied.

“He didn’t gas anyone — there were smoke grenades and stuff like that,” Sean claimed about the peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park last week, negating the fact that protesters — for the sake of Trump’s photo-op in front of a church with an upside down bible — were hit with pepper spray, a chemical irritant designed to cause pain, and rubber bullets.

After repeated questioning — and after dodging several times — he eventually, pathetically admitted he’d allow his mother to be pepper-sprayed and hit with rubber bullets if she was holding a sign on a street corner and authorities had to “move“ her.

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Then he basically threw in the towel, perhaps realizing his arguments were feeble.

It boggles the mind that anyone who calls himself a “libertarian,” who supposedly believes the federal government is too-powerful and should be out of people’s lives, would be fine with the government gassing people, threatening laws to silence the media, and well, a whole slew of other things.

Another nonsensical caller who hadn’t thought things through. Listen in and let me know your thoughts.