Nov 12, 2020 • 6M

Sore loser Trumpist calls in to claim election isn't until December

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Brent from Missouri says Biden can’t be called “president-elect” until the votes are certified by electors

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Trump-supporting caller Brent from Missouri first claimed that we can’t consider Joe Biden as having been elected president until the election is certified in December. When I explained that that wasn’t the case in 2016 — when Donald Trump was called “president-elect” the day after the election was called for him by the networks — he switched to claiming that only if Trump “concedes” can Biden be considered president-elect.

When I then asked him where it says in the Constitution that the president must concede to finalize the election, he couldn’t provide it.

Basically, he was a jumble of Fox News talking points and Trump’s Twitter feed.

I know — I was probably a bit too aggressive with him but I really can’t take this bullshit, especially now. Let me know your thoughts!