Apr 8, 2022 • 4M

Texas caller: It's "confusing kids" to discuss sexual orientation, gender identify

Claims he's a teacher, and there's no "time" to teach about these issues. Then he couldn't answer basic questions and hung up.

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Jonathan from Texas called my SiriusXM show to express shock when I said the majority of Americans don’t support Florida’s “don’t say gay” bill and do support teaching children in elementary school about sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Where did you get that? How is that even possible?” he asked.

I then read him just one among several polls, an ABC News poll showing 62% of Americans are opposed to the bill, when the question is is asked clearly.

Jonathan then claimed to be a teacher and said even in his city of “liberal Austin” he couldn’t believe that was true, and that discussing these issues was “confusing kids.”

I then raised several hypotheticals about kids who have gay parents, and how they would talk in school about their families. He kind of just stammered along — until he just hung up.

Guess he couldn’t have an actual conversation about it. I also wonder if he was really a teacher.

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