Oct 7, 2020 • 3M

Trumper calls in shocked -- shocked! - at "lies," having "stumbled across" my show

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Mike from New Hampshire was aghast at hearing listeners discuss the coronavirus pandemic

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Describing himself as “patriotic, Second Amendment strong," Mike from New Hampshire claimed that he “stumbled across” my radio program while going down the dial on SiriusXM and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was the epitome of a right-wing crybaby.

Specifically, listeners were calling in to discuss the latest, most horrific actions of coronavirus-infected Donald Trump, and the implications for the pandemic nationally.

Mike began by trying to refute the number of coronavirus deaths, claiming it’s all inflated, and showing himself to be a Covid-19 denialist.

It ended with my telling him about the great mental health programs he can avail himself of under the Affordable Care Act.

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