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Trumper calls in, "sick" of being called "racist and white supremacist"

Trumper calls in, "sick" of being called "racist and white supremacist"


Kevin from Indiana said he, too, is “angry” and “disappointed” with Trump, and has been from “early on.” So did he vote for him again?

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Kevin from Indiana called in to my SiriusXM show on Monday to say he’s a “conservative” who was coming “in peace,” and explained that he has been listening to Rush Limbaugh “for 30 years,” and listening to my show for "about three weeks.”

He opined that I’m missing “a big opportunity” to “unite us,” because there are a lot of conservatives like him who are “very angry” with Donald Trump, and “very disappointed” with Trump, and are “sick” of being called “racists and white supremacists.”

Well, this must be something positive, I thought to myself: Kevin sounded like someone who saw the light, saw the terrible impact of Trump, right?

Indeed, when I asked Kevin what made him “turn on Trump,” he replied that Trump “blew his credibility,” and it was because of the “way that he acted and tweeted and spoke,” which had “ruined” anything “good” that Kevin thought he might have done.

“Beating up on John McCain, beating up on gold star parents, exaggerating and lying,” he said. “A lot of people group a lot of conservatives together with Donald Trump and they think we all agree with that. We don’t agree with that.”

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“It was cumulative for you,” I replied, asking, “When did you finally say, ‘Ok, I’ve had enough?”

Kevin thought about it for a second and then replied that, “um, it’s tricky,” adding, “I would say, early on.”

Well, early on, wow. So of course he couldn’t have voted for Trump again in 2020, right?


It all took quite a turn. You really do have to listen to this one.

(One correction: AOC was born in The Bronx, not Brooklyn.)

Listen in and, please, let me know your thoughts.