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MAGA man hilariously tries and fails to defend Trump after release of recording

MAGA man hilariously tries and fails to defend Trump after release of recording

Jeff from Virginia, boxed in by Trump's admission on tape, blamed the National Archive for not stopping Trump from taking classified documents.

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In a discussion on my SiriusXM program recently after the damning recording surfaced in which Donald Trump admits he’s sharing classified war plans with people —and said could have declassified them when he was president, but didn’t—Jeff from Richmond, Virginia called to defend Trump.

He had to concede begrudgingly that it was all not good, that indeed Trump left the White House with classified documents and didn’t give them back….“but, but, but….”

But, but, but…if they were so worried about secret documents or highly classified documents in those boxes then they should not have left the White House...They should have gone through those records and made sure there were no top secret records….

They? Who is they? “The archives people,” he responded.

This was ludicrous because Trump isn’t a five-year-old. He’s an adult—who was the President—who should be honest and certainly responsible with government documents, and in fact must be so by law. It was the job of Trump, sorting through all boxes before he left the White House—and we may find out that in fact the staff who were helping him tried to stop him—not to take the documents with him. And then certainly to give them back.

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Jeff was simply infantilizing Trump—the latest excuse.

He then began quoting Trump’s lawyer as the authority—which was hilarious—and had a lot of non-facts, clearly not having read much about the case. had to bring him up to speed and say good-bye. At least this one remained civil.

After the call, I explained that it’s not the government’s job to make sure Trump doesn’t rob a bank either. He simply shouldn’t rob a bank.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!