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Woman defends Madison Cawthorn: He wants to raise boys to be "real men"

Woman defends Madison Cawthorn: He wants to raise boys to be "real men"

Marie from South Carolina claimed Rep. Cawthorn never said make boys "monsters" -- even though it's on video.

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As I was discussing the hate coming from far-right extremist GOP House members, including North Carolina’s Madison Cawthorn, who told a group of moms that they need to raise their boys to be “monsters,” Marie from South Carolina called in to my SiriusXM program to defend Cawthorn.

Marie was indignant, a true Trumper’s Trumper. At first she asked, “I would like to know where your information comes from, that you were saying Madison Cawthorn is telling moms to make their kids be monsters…?”

I had just played the audio clip and said, “Didn’t you hear the clip? It came out of his own mouth.”

She then switched to: “He meant to raise them to be real men, to stand up for their women, to provide for their families…”

Yep, stand up for “their” women, as if we are back in the 1800s.

I asked Marie if she was raising her children to be monsters and I read the dictionary definition of a “monster.”

Then she called Joe Biden a “monster” — which made no sense, since, if Cawthorn is telling people to raise their children to be monsters, whatever the definition he “meant,” then he’s telling them to be Joe Biden.

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When I pointed that one out, it went over Marie’s head completely.

There’s only one thing that Cawthorn, a radicalized Trump loyalist who’s promoted white supremacist ideology, meant, of course: Raise your children to be violent. Monsters scare people and hurt people — and that’s certainly what children believe monsters to be.

Marie then changed the subject to my having said, “They’re trying to start a civil war.”

I did say that, having pointed out that Cawthorn held up a gun at an event recently and said there will be “bloodshed,” and having pointed out that he’s defended the January 6th insurrectionists. And he’s clearly telling mothers to prepare their boys for doing battle, in the form of physical violence. Oh, and he posed for photos at Hilter’s vacation retreat.

When I explained that to Marie, she got pretty discombobulated and confused, throwing out random comments.

Sometimes you just have to allow these people to walk out to the edge of a cliff with their comments, and then they have no where to go.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!

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