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Anti-vax-mandate guy can't get his story straight

Anti-vax-mandate guy can't get his story straight

When given other examples of mandates, from seatbelts to health department restaurant regulations, Jeff from DC just kept striking out

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In a discussion on my SiriusXM program about mask and vaccine mandates — and angry Canadian truckers — Jeff from Washington, DC called to say it’s an “invasion of privacy” issue and people don’t want to be forced to show “their papers.”

When I asked if he had a driver’s license or just drove without one, he bafflingly stated, “You don’t need a driver’s license if you drive on your own property.”

Guess he never leaves his driveway?

And when I asked if he wore a seatbelt, he said no — to which I pointed out that he’s breaking the law and if stopped by the police he will have to show his “papers,” his license (and will be punished).

Just like the way you’ll be turned away from a restaurant that requires vax proof or fired from your job if your employer has a mandate, I explained. Any difference, I asked?

Yes, Jeff said, because when driving you’re on a public road when a police officer asks you for your license. But when you go into a restaurant they’re not an agent of the state.

Put aside the fact that he’d just previously implied it was wrong for the state to require a license and enforce seatbelt laws — but now was defending it and differentiating it from a restaurant, which is following health department rules.

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A restaurant having to protect patrons by not serving food that is rotted or by curing a rodent problem is different, he said, from a restaurant having to enforce a vaccine mandate because the former is a “health department issue.”

But so are the vaccine mandates — enforced by the health department to protect patrons.

It just went that way, on and on, with Jeff contradicting himself and spinning in circles.

It’s always a treat listening to these people twist themselves up and having to deal in logic — and it just sharpens our arguments. This one was pretty ridiculous. I ended it by telling him to wear his seat belts.

Listen in and let me know your thought!