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Anti-vaxxer can't explain why he wears clothes, follows speed limit

Anti-vaxxer can't explain why he wears clothes, follows speed limit

Rob from Orlando called, angry that he'd need vaccine proof to enter business, public space

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In a discussion on my SiriusXM show about resistance to the coronavirus vaccines among evangelical Christians, the conversation at one point focused on businesses and other venues requiring proof of vaccination for entry.

My position is that everyone should get the vaccine to protect themselves and others —and help bring us to herd immunity — but if they choose not to, no business or public venue should be required to allow them entry.

In fact, it would only be responsible for operators of open public places, including private businesses, to require proof of a vaccination. And government has a responsibility to make sure they do — contrary to the reckless efforts of politicians like Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who’s moved to ban businesses from turning away those without proof of vaccination — if we’re to stop the transmission of coronavirus and end the pandemic.

Rob said “I’m a 40-year-old male” who is healthy and I’m not going to take a vaccine that was “spit out” in less than ten months, and claimed Covid-19 posed him little risk. Never mind that the basics of the coronavirus vaccines were actually developed over 10 years ago, going back to the SARS epidemic, and Covid vaccines would have been developed even more quickly if not for the Trump administration’s defunding of the National Institutes of Health and then, later, the botched rollout of the vaccines; Rob’s claim that Covid-19 isn’t a concern or a threat to his health — and others he might infect — is ludicrous and dangerous.

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I told Rob that it was his choice not to get the vaccine, but he should not be allowed into any public place where he could transmit it to others. This was met of course with outrage, as he complained, as a “libertarian,” about the “government” encroaching on his rights.

But then Rob couldn’t answer why he should be required to wear clothes into a store — and why he didn’t walk around naked — nor why he follows the speed limit while driving.

His reasoning completely fell apart, and exposed the anti-vaxxers as devoid of logic or consistency. For many of these people, it’s about fears and phobias and myths — and they all have to be addressed as we need as many people as possible to get vaccinated — but for others, as Trumpers, it’s simply attempting to own the libs.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.