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"Both sides" caller claims there's no difference between the Dems and GOP

"Both sides" caller claims there's no difference between the Dems and GOP

Ron from New Mexico claimed that even with Dems calling for Menendez to resign it didn't set them apart from the GOP, which is standing with the indicted Santos--and Trump.

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Ron from New Mexico called into my SiriusXM program as I was discussing George Santos and the newest indictment against him, positioning himself as above it all.

Ron remained calm and cool, as he tried mightily to promote a false equivalency between Democrats and Republicans, claiming that "it's all politics” and they’re all the same. “I’m not a Trump fan, by the way,” he said. Yeah…right.

He kept this up for quite a while—focusing on newly-indicted-again Senator Bob Menendez and what he believes Democrats would be saying if the New Jersey governor were a Republican. Ron believed he was duping us into thinking he wasn’t MAGA and was just a “they’re all corrupt” guy who is disgusted with “both sides.”

I let him continue to put out his claims, as he was just giving me more to work with. I debunked them while also asking him to give me evidence of them—which he never did—and he just kind of had to quietly concede on this or that point, though he wouldn’t give up, continually going on to something else.

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Eventually, Ron’s true inner-MAGA surfaced after he was getting nowhere, and he desperately switched to—you guessed it!—Hunter Biden and “shell companies” and “how did Joe Biden make all of his money?”

Honestly, this call went on for a while because he was probably the most reasonable Trumper I’ve had in a long time—even if he was dishonest, posing as a “both sides” non-MAGA guy.

I’m happy to speak with people who are oppositional, as long as we can have a civil conversation. It does get tedious, however, when they’re clearly just trying desperately to find something, anything they think can’t be debunked, and going into the grab bag. I had to eventually let him go.

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