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Caller says he can't be racist because he "voted for Ronald Reagan"

Caller says he can't be racist because he "voted for Ronald Reagan"


Billy from Virginia also said kids won't know Dr. Seuss depictions are racist if you don't tell them.

And he voted for Trump because, "I don't believe in gay marriage"

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So, Billy from Virginia called in to my SiriusXM program to comment on our discussion about Dr. Seuss Enterprises deciding not to publish six Dr. Seuss books because of racist depictions of Black people, Asians and others.

Billy claimed that children can’t know that Dr. Seuss depictions are racist unless you tell them — completely oblivious to the fact that demeaning images teach children bias about certain groups. I went over that several times, but he just couldn’t grasp it.

He then switched the conversation to Ronald Reagan — because when a conservative is in doubt, I guess, they go to Reagan. He claimed that Republicans are now called racist but that that couldn’t be true because he’s a Republican and he’s been voting Republican since Reagan. And, I guess, Reagan couldn’t have been racist.

As you can imagine, this opened up a whole new discussion about Reagan’s racist policies, political ads and tropes, and Reagan caught on tape with former president Richard Nixon calling leaders at the U.N. from African countries “monkeys.”

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Billy couldn’t address those issues — though had to admit, after I told him, that Reagan’s comments about African leaders were racist — so he changed the subject to, “I voted for Donald Trump because I don’t believe in transsexuals” and “I don’t believe in gay marriage.” Yet, he claimed he’s not discriminating against anyone because he knows “what it’s like to be down.” (By the way, this proves how Trump was a driving force against LGBTQ rights and followed through on promises, since people like Billy saw him as fulfilling their agenda.)

When I explained that his comments were discriminatory, Billy fell back on the bible, and said “but I don’t hate them.” When I pointed out that the bible says he shouldn’t be eating all kinds of food, he said he eats bacon but then prays every night to be forgiven for it.

I’m not kidding!

It got even more ridiculous after that and I just had to really slam him as “weak” and “pathetic.”

Some people might think I went too hard on him, but I’m just not going to put up with illogical arguments.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!