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Caller says he's wealthy, and his taxes shouldn't pay for anyone's vaccine

Caller says he's wealthy, and his taxes shouldn't pay for anyone's vaccine

Scott from Idaho doesn't "get sick," isn't getting a vaccine, and doesn't understand the push to vaccinate everyone

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Scott from Idaho called my SiriusXM program while I was pointing out the glaring hypocrisy of Trump supporters — like GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin — having pushed hydroxychloroquine and other dangerous, unproven drugs to treat Covid but who won’t take Covid vaccines.

Scott said he doesn’t take any drugs of any kind and he’s “not going to take this shot.”

He said, “I don’t believe that makes me a quote/unquote Trumper.” But then he stated, “I did vote for Trump — I don’t just agree with everything he does, but I don’t agree with both sides a lot.”

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Scott couldn’t fathom why I “care” if he gets the shot if I’m already “protected” since I got the shot. I had to explain, beyond concern for fellow man, the science behind herd immunity and ending the pandemic, which he didn’t seem to get.

I thought maybe appealing to his pocketbook would work better. So I explained that while the unvaccinated would keep getting sick and dying, we’d be spending billions of dollars treating them and giving booster shots to everyone else — spending all of our taxpayer dollars, including Scott’s.

That’s when Scott responded: “I don’t even agree that the government should be giving you a shot…Why are you charging me for you to get a shot?”

I then explained the government’s interest in keeping millions of people alive — can you believe I had to explain this? —and asked who would pick up his garbage or take care of him when he got sick from something else if everyone else died.

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“Or do you live in a cave there in Idaho?” I asked, to which Scott became insulted, told me to “be careful with your words,” and then, out of the blue, stated, “I make a hell of a lot more money than you do, I’m sure of it.”

He then claimed, “I just take care of myself,” and, “I don’t get sick.”

I warned him that by not getting the vaccine he or someone close to him will get Covid, and someone will die, and then he’ll probably get the vaccine. And that it’s sad that that’s how it is going to have to be.

I really do try to listen and find out where these people are coming from — because it only betters our understanding. But this was a hard one! Listen in and let me know your thoughts.

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