May 13, 2022 • 7M

Florida man says we should stop "harping" on abortion

It's just going to the states, Joe called in to say. And legislators are "smarter" than us.

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Okay, one more call from my SiriusXM show this week from the “Overturning Roe is No Big Deal” crowd.

Why do I take these calls? Because we have to refute these people and do it forcefully. And it’s great that we can do it publicly, so that we learn from one another. I also know there are many other people who are out there listening who have these opinions and if we could burst a bubble with even one of them — even if it riles them up and makes them think — that’s good.

In actuality, the calls to my program this past two weeks were overwhelmingly from people who were angry over the draft ruling from the Supreme Court. It was non-stop, and the energy was amazing. I’m going to write on that and post some of the calls because I think pundits are missing how this issue will drive the mid-terms.

But it is important to take on the Joes in Florida of the world.

Joe actually claimed that legislators are smarter than us and smarter than judges. But he then refused to respond when I asked his opinion on the Supreme Court sending many other things back to the states (like contraception) and those “smart” legislators deciding on them, claiming he doesn’t “do hypotheticals” and stating I was “going off on tangents.”

Oh, please. Joe is a coward for not engaging on those issues — and I told him so. Listen in and let me know your thoughts.