Aug 16 • 6M

MAGA man tries every which way to defend Trump. But it doesn't work.

John from Staten Island had no facts, was completely befuddled and made an an ass of himself. What else is new?

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I don’t even know why I engaged in a discussion on my SiriusXM program with this guy, as he had no facts—literally didn’t know the names of players or politicians, just referring to them as “that guy”—but he is emblematic of many in MAGA world.

So sometimes you do have hear them, so we know what we’re dealing with, as painful as it is. They will just defend Donald Trump no matter what, even if it means calling a radio program and embarrassing themselves.

And you have to just call them out. (I’m from Staten Island and am Italian-American, so, yeah, I can call him a “goombah.” And I did.)

He is every stereotype of place, the only borough of New York City that voted for Trump—and where there was a rally over the weekend to stop migrant asylum-seekers from being sheltered there even though just about everyone living there, a place dominated by Italian-Americans, descended from immigrants. (And let me tell you that not everywhere there is like this!)

This exchange, by the way, took place on Monday, as the grand jury in Georgia was meeting but before the Trump indictment came down.

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