Feb 15, 2022 • 6M

Rogan defender cries "censorship," then undermines entire argument

Rob in Seattle also seems not to have to noticed Republicans are banning books

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Rob in Seattle called into my SiriusXM show with the predictable argument that the left is “canceling” Joe Rogan. This, even as I explained that Rogan hasn’t been thrown off Spotify but in fact musicians have made a choice to remove their own music.

That, he still said, was a call to “censorship,” even though the musicians are engaging in their own free speech in the free market, and deny Spotify the right to their music.

Rob then seemed oblivious to the fact that the GOP are banning books in several states and subjects in classrooms, including teaching the history of racism or talking about sexual orientation.

But back to Rogan, when I asked him if everyone should be saying the N-word on TV, say, on CNN or other channels — as Rogan did on his podcast — he said, “No — it is free speech but there are consequences, repercussions” for free speech.

Well, isn’t that what Rogan is experiencing in the free market? Rob didn’t have too much to say to that, as he basically undermined his whole argument.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.